With regards to caste census:

With regards to caste census: Educating every banjara to participate & give information during census by tq./dt. committee, nigama vikas committee, articles in tabloid of b. bandhu & b. vani etc etc, great work, everything is welcome,,,,, Rama bheeya our brothers definitely give correct answers for each question census staff will ask ! we are not worried about that part….. Actually we are concerned only about innocent banjara details going to lambani christian or banjara christian columns as this format designed very intelligently !?. Our thanda innocent & illiterate brothers will not be able to prevent this ! Ultimately our population will definitely come down, this is going affect future generations to come !… Our authority, our associations and our leaders could not do anything much in advance to prevent this !. Now how will one reach each and every banjara in entire state  and educate about census, it’s impossible to reach out everyone this is reality bheeya, an helpless person like me is worried only about this !,,,,,,, another point is migrated people will not return easily, for them each day food is most important than any census today ! Poor families with small children are worried only about their hungry stomach. Thousands and thousands of migratory brothers will be missing during census period. Government, authority, political leaders and our all associations should have taken joint responsibility to bring all migratory people back on time for census period atleast….. Bheeya we have everything but things are not happening properly on time,,, this is unfortunate banjara of Karnataka…… !!!

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