Vilas Rathod ( Gorsikwadi ) fulltime social Worker short biography

A story about Vilas Rathod (Ramawat) Bhiya, a full time GorSikwadi volunteer who has devoted his entire life for GorSikwadi and our Gor Samaj.

Vilas Bhiya was born in a wealthy Ramawat family, he have 5 elder brother, he is the youngest one in family. Elder brother Premchand Rathod is a teacher and a decision maker in family, second and third brothers are also teacher, the fourth brother is a Doctor, even his nephews are studying MBBS and BDS. Vilas Bhiya has studied ATD, G.D. Art, foundation,dis.
3d Animation, he was also a story bord artist, even he was a animator  artist for one marathi movie (Bajiprabhu Deshpande).

This whole Ramawat family is a ideal Gor family in Maharashtra, they all are very much active in social activities for our Gor Samaj and they are associated with GorSikwadi from its inception. One day Nayak of GorSikwadi has asked Ramawat family that he need one of their son to be devotionally work for GorSikwadi, without any second thought their parents and elder brother Premchand Bhiya told Vilas Bhiya to work full time for GorSikwadi and Vilas Bhiya accepted his parents and brothers wishful order.

Vilas Bhiya is traveling in Tanda’s to provide guidance to Students and also counseling our Gor people in Tanda’s about our culture and its importance.

Hats off to Vilas Bhiya for his sacrifice and his efforts for our community

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