It is really exciting to know the development of city and state in India when we compare to the other country. Today we divulge the real scenario in india then we may realize the urban growth in fragile states which bring the benefits and various problem particularly for women protection .As such that the system of India is exacerbate because all the media are writing the history on flimsy for boosting the morality for their status and quest. In addition to this the poor women are victimizing because they do not have any support for which they can bring the truth in actual notion .It is the media who can highlight the actual content of the incident but we are experiencing that they are preventing the realistic news and putting the sandwich masala for capitalizing the business growth. Nevertheless the present economic growth and development are stand still due to bogus news and social media for the common citizen of India which challenge for creating security in a mega city. Violence in fragile states and mega city which we called urban areas is a common feature of everyday life and a major threat to the safety of people living in congested cities that lack reliable institution and social services .If we analysis these issue from a gender perspective it is crucial to complete the understanding as it reveal important influence an individual in security such as socio economic status age and religion .On the other hand most of the people living in slum area and village area are victimized in these track where they do not have enough support for getting good education and family per capita income are poor as a result they pushed back to these area where is no scope to come out .In a general course why the law and order are not in accordance this is the major question and the finding is that most of the politics are involved to carry out the incidence and encouraging to the culprit for running this kind of activities for which the poor young girl are facing daunting task in the prostitution area. if really there is government law and order are prevail then i do not think so this kind of heinous act will be functioning in the market. Let us see the life of beggar in the street how they endure their life in the early age where they have to beg and also mould to carry out the stealing practice in order to survival for themselves .In other word there are also group where the young girl drag into prostitution . These forms of child maltreatment are variously labeled “missocializing” or “corrupting” and “sexual exploitation”.
In a real practice our community are not having knowledge in English therefore all the press reporter and media seat are occupied by the upper class community. Why not our downtrodden community should be involved in media where we can bring the truth and actual incidence in order to give the justice for Tribal people and particular for Muslim people .As per survey report in india most of the people are staying in jail from the dalit community i.e 53% .Resultantly , this kind of impression are created in the society how to evict this kind of trend this is also a major task for that our people should occupy the seat of judge ,lawyer and also in political field .Can an ordinary man like me get the seat of MLA ,MP or minister in the society then only the trend of the society will be change .For this kind of practice one have to maintain the unity and also the spirit of brotherhood for capitalizing in the market .Today our people are facing problem likewise in Rajasthan Alwar and Mankut village where our people have been faced severe problem which is coming under anti social activities but no impact was there from our community despite our population are absolute in majority in india .
My main objectives toward these articles was to focus the ray of light to our community where our people are taking sound breathe and rested in the family member but not least bothered to the poor people where they are victimized in the society in every day life.As a pragmatic and varied experience in all trade like law and architectural ,science, statistics and Financial Institutions i therefore urge to the people to be alert where this kind of activities are occurred and kindly share in the face book rather then to visit the police station and media because media is totally corrupt they need only masala where they can attract and extract abundant of money from the culprit .Today the realistic person is not available in the market because total media and news are on flimsy ground it is called in other ward len aur den in hindi but ultimately poor people are suffering and our people are watching and accepting the truth .Do you think so only dalit people are ridiculous for this kind of activities .No it is the people those who pushed them and project their name for their ulterior motives. In the recent news almost 4month back in agra where in the hostel –one victims has been happened and the school warden was lady namely MESRA.who has victimized to the young dalit girl and make empty stomach forcing her to do intercourse with her allied activities. It was her malfide intention for earning extra income and make trouble to the dalit girl .But unfortunately the girl rescue from that incident and reported to the police station. For this instance one have to serious because likewise many innocent are facing intimidating task from the this kind of old aged mentality people for which our people are becoming easily victim .Because we do not have our own media to protect ourselves therefore these trends are alive in the current markets.It is pertinent to note that all the school are running from other community as a result they have more hold in the institutions and their people like teacher and principle easily manage to give them promotion and give their fair marks which show partiality and vindictive attitude on the current tradition and culture.
According to the women in our mock-up, their experiences of neglect or abuse sometimes had an impact on the size, structure, or cohesion of family and peer networks. A commonly mentioned effect was physical disruption or chaos within the woman’s family of origin. Such disruption also impacted peer networks, which were sometimes severed when girls were forced to move from one caregiver to the next. These moves often involved changes in neighbourhoods and schools.Moreover, Sexual abuse had a number of effects on the women’s health, including unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV, as well as associated effects on relationships and overall life circumstances.

Victimization also had an impact on the women’s mental and physical health through its influence on addictive behaviours such as alcohol and drug addiction. Some of the women in our trial were first introduced to alcohol and other drugs as children by adults. As adults, some women used addictive behaviours to cope, and many women discussed alcohol and drugs as a way to ease the physical or psychological pain of abuse. For instance i give the live example occurred in the Mumbai where rich class boy attracted to the girl and flirted by making good friend .Later on the guy has offered her cold drink and mixed the alcohol .Thereafter he has injected the sringe where it was assorted the drugs slowly and gradually the said girl has addicted to these activities and the groups of guy has made her to play the role of prostitute in the star hotel .This kind of incidence generally coincide in the urban area and the innocent girl are victimizing in the open market. But the victimized girl bravely faced the challenged and taken the opportunity to avoid this thing and gradually she has save the drugs and kept in the bottle and one she has planned to take the retaliation from those guys .As a result one day she has succeeded in her plan and attack to culprit guys those who have blackmailed to her .In order to safeguard she had poured drugs in their cold drink and gone to her daily work where she has attend the adultery .On her return she has find that the two guys were in fully loaded the alcohol along with the drugs and gradually she has removed both pants and taken the video clips .Further she has send the video clips to them it was really incredible to them after watching the porn video from the innocent girl .But surprisingly she managed to counteract with those guys and succeeded her unrelenting attitude and shown them remarkable example like tit for tat. For instance, negligence , as well as more severe emotional or physical abuse, undermined motivation and impaired girls’ abilities to concentrate on school activities. For some girls, the sequelae of abuse—conduct problems, depression, stigma, pregnancy, addiction—played a role. Acting out resulted in suspension for some girls, and other sequelae contributed to the girls’ dropping out of school altogether. There are number of psychosocial effects of victimization, including internalizing behaviors such as feelings of worthlessness or withdrawal, externalizing behaviours like aggression, and influences on the ways women felt about personal relationships. Some girls and women began to avoid places and things, restricting their range of activity in the world. Often, this was a means of protecting themselves from further victimization. So at last i would like to convey the message for the innocent girl those who are becoming the victim in the daily life. I anticipate that my article will reach to common citizen particularly for disabled girl those who do not have moral support and also back up from their house with regard to this fatality .So my humble request is that if any kind of incidence occur then kindly send to us in order to support from our social media and can report without any hesitation because we are having NGO- NARI SAKTI ABHIYAAN those who protect for this kind of prevalence.

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Ar.Pravin Naik
Social worker

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