Unity is strength divided they falls.

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It is truly heartbreaking to express my position that our people from various states do not have unity because we are not demanding our fundamental right.. During my last version I have conveyed my feeling toward unity in strength by giving the suitable example the sons could easily break each stick separately. But when the sticks were tied into a bundle, nobody could break the bundle which was known to every one but forgotten themselves because they do not have appropriate vision to capitalize their endeavour which is also a very much prominent inference in this today scenario. but, i felt very pity on our religion people those who have not given particular importance of unity.As we have read out the proverb that unity is strength which tell us that united we stand divided we fall .Well ,in fact ,in the present scenario ,unity has been playing a vital role to stand against the evils and helping to combat against the law in society.

For Instance, I have found out practically that Brahmin people who are less in India, but nevertheless they are controlling the administration, despite they are only 5% population in India. Of course , they were good learners and preachers moreover they have possessed enough requisite skills in education and other activities. They are familiar as intellectual personality because it seems to understand they have unity and ambitious to rule the India. In other word , we also see the example of Anna Hazares movement against corruption has revealed the importance of unity which had alarmed the government in India. In fact, this illustration established that unity can be the tone of voice of the unspoken and strength of the powerless people. Meanwhile, unity refers to the obligation or state of being one.

A family is united because the principle head of the person is strong and kept all the origin in intact position. We cannot isolate ourselves unless the foundation are separated into different way. Unity is mandatory for the survival of all.Today our Gor Banjara require a lot of unity among the nation to deal with important issue toward reservation .Because people of our Gaur(Ghor) religion are distinct each other in different state despite we have same tradition and culture. Unity doesn’t lead the prosperity of our religion but also give enough support to face the hurdles .Unity is like an association that connect a long chain in every segment of state and no one can harm to us. Likewise in Mahabharata , only a bunch of 5 people i.e pandavas have collapse the kauravas because they have possessed the strength amongst them and therefore they have achieved the victory .

The rule of ‘unity is strength’ is the elemental foundation of peace and happiness of a Gaur society and country as well. It is likewise important to mention that although we are causing the majority of the population in India, but still our ratio of population is not considered suitable in census of state as a result, we could not able to show our actual population which is also a deep care and lack of unity amongst us.

Today in Maharashtra state etc an assembly election is approaching and our people are not getting MLA Seat in an appropriate party. Therefore, it is better to form our own party where our people are abundant in nature and fight with the recognized party after supporting to our own candidate .To eliminate the poverty and discrimination our own symbol is mandatory in order to relish and success for the welfare of our society. For this we require, unity as undersigned being an architect and planner has visualize the concept for the betterment of society. In accordance with the above view and fact i further wish to state that man is free but still he has to depend on others .One man cannot create the whole thing. But he may produce only one thing and thousands of other people can produce many things for him. Likewise a priest preaches and give ample knowledge about the surroundings of life. But in actual contents who produces food and clothes other thing for him ? It is the modern trends and thinking of the new generation and unity of co-operation how they operate in concert to bring the welfare of the society and man in the territory of nature. A society, too, cannot do without unity. Man is a social domestic animal. He helps others, and others help him in turn. He has to rely upon his friends and neighbours. If they are united, the society will be strong. Even birds and animals show a wonderful sense of unity. Ants are very small. But when they unite, they form a strong army. You cannot break a bundle of sticks. But, how easily you break them one by one! Now you glance the history that all the territory were capitalize by the British people.
• Because they have understood that our people do not have integrity, hence they have stuck with the divide and rule policy with our Indian kings and zone of different territory how to reach their destination in order to defeat them. For example, we may across the great fighter Tiger of Mysore -Tipu sultan who was ruled his kingdom for a long time, but it was his bravery and skill who have defeated twice time to the british people ,but, eventually he has requested to Maratha and Nizam king to support him to evict the British people from India but no one has supported to fight with the british people because of lack of unity amongst them. He had lost his life being his own kind person Rawat (Brahmin) senapati has betrayed him. So at last we can learn from the history the importance of unity .Today, the Brahmin has created the Hindu symbol for their welfare, but notwithstanding they are creating the nuisance to dominate with muslim,Christian ,and Sikhs because they want to preserve their superiority and rule the India. It is rather boring to state that one side we are talking about unity, but at the same time we are discovering about the religion because it is the fact that many tribes /VJNT/DNT/Dhangar/Gadi Lohar /Banjara/Labana/ Gwariya /Sugali are treated Hindu though they experience not had the equivalent position in society and discriminated by them from time to time which is the bad indication toward the unity in Hindu because those folks are not in reality belong to Hindu faith.
I also urge our people to uphold the unity indicating the Ghor religion, caste while the government will do the survey to enable us to produce a separate identity for obtaining the qualification as the regime has asked the quantified data regarding the economy and literacy toward the employment of our people. This helps us to maintain the unity and our ability to represent how much population we are in existence in different state.
Thus, I conclude the above statement that unity help to avert the wars and bring the peace and prosperity for our religion in order to live happily in accord with the environment.

With regards,
Ar.Pravin Naik
Social workers

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