The Great warriors Shri Ranji Singh Maharaj –124 Birth Anniversary

Today we may recall the great hero of Punjab who has ruled the Punjab regime in the early nineteen century.Ranjit Singh was born on Nov. 13, 1780 at Gujranwala. He was named Ranjit Singh by his father Mahan Singh.He was the founder of the Sikh Empire, which came to power in the Indian subcontinent in the early half of the 19th century. The empire, based in the Punjab region, existed from 1799 to 1849. It was forged, on the foundations of the Dal Khalsa, under the leadership of Ranjit Singh from a collection of autonomous Sikh Misls. Ranji singh actual name was Buddh singh but Maha Singh received the news of his son’s birth on his return from a victorious battle against the Chattar chief, Pir Muhammad, and renamed his son Ranjit (Victor in War).It is indeed that some people assert that Ranji singh belong to Jat but in actual scene he was came from sansi caste which is the origin of Rajasthan and they are nomadic tribe and gyspy the wanderer which is alike of Banjara caste.Basically these community has scattered through three state Rajasthan ,Harayana and Punjab. Their main occupation was trading and farming but they were considered under criminal tribe in british period later on they had registered their birth in denotified tribe .The basic introduction was mandatory to know the history of sansi pariwar because greatness of Ranji singh worth and style of working people have amended his name in the dictionary of jat regiment .It is also astonished to know that ranjit singh was very brave and dynamic personality at the age of 10 years he started to evolve in the battle to fight against with moghul empire. With his intelligence he has conquer with bahangi misl who was the strongest power group of Hashish Bhang namely Hari Singh Dhillon.Ranjit singh had captured Bahngi misl and made its capital of sikh empire.It is tragic to state that in the early age he was attacked small pox and lost one eyes .In 1799 he was become the master of Lahore and taken over the charge of Maharaj at the age of twenty .In 1802 Ranjit Singh took Amritsar from the Bhangi Sardari and followed this in 1807, after a month of savage fighting, with the conquest of Kasur from the Afghan chief Qutb ud-Din. With the capture of Multan in 1818 the whole Bari Doab came under his sway and in 1819 Ranjit Singh successfully annexed Kashmir. This was followed by subduing the Kashmir mountains, west of the river Jhelum (today, Hazara in Pakistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir). The daughter of Sardar Ran Singh Nakai, the third ruler of Nakai Misl, was Ranjit Singh’s second wife and the mother of his heir, Kharak Singh. She changed her name from Raj Kaur to avoid confusion with Ranjit Singh’s mother and added her new name datar kaur. Throughout her life she remained the favourite of Ranjit Singh who called her Mai Nakain.It is also known that after the death of Sahib Singh Bhangi of Gujrat.His wives Ratan Kaur and Daya Kaur has come under the protection of ranjit singh after marrying with them in chadar andaz where the cloth was unfurled over on their heads. Ratan Kaur gave birth to Multana Singh in 1819, and Daya Kaur gave birth to Kashmira Singh in 1819 and to Pashaura Singh in 1821.later on , Ranjti singh married to jind kaur in the year 1935 who was most beauty amongst all other wives.The daughter of Manna Singh Aulakh, has desire to make the alliance with the Maharaj singh to rejuvenate the king and given her daughter Rani jindan .She gave the birth duleep singh in the year 1838. The achievement of the ranjit singh maharaj was that he was attacked to the Afghani rulers The most significant encounters between the Sarkar Khalsaji and the Afghans were fought in 1813, 1823, 1834 and in 1837. In 1813, Ranjit Singh’s general Dewan Mokham Chand led the Sikh forces against the Afghan forces of Shah Mahmud who were led by Dost Mohammad Khan. Following this encounter, the Afghans lost their stronghold at Attock. In 1823, Ranjit Singh defeated a large army of Yusufzai tribesmen north of the Kabul River in what is now Pakistan, while the presence of his Sikh General, Hari Singh Nalwa prevented the entire Afghan army from crossing this river and going to the aid of the Yusafzais at Nowshera. This defeat led to the gradual loss of Afghan power in present-day Pakistan. In 1834, when the forces of the Sarkar Khalsaji marched into Peshawar, the ruling Barakzais retreated without offering a fight. In April 1837, the real power of Maharaja Ranjit Singh came to the fore when his commander-in-chief, Hari Singh Nalwa, kept the entire army of Amir Dost Mohammad Khan at bay, with a handful of forces till reinforcements arrived from Lahore over a month after they were requisitioned. The speciality of ranjit singh style of living and habitat is illustrate in brief that the Ranjit singh was fond of riding shooting and drinking in the early age of his life.In those day drinking was not considered bad but it was more respect ever get from the society as a sardar .It was a matter of pride that one lead his life in autocratic manner .At the young age he quarrelled with the estate chief hasmatkhan who was controlling the administration part in his territory while he was went to the hunting then unexpectedly hasmat khan was pierced a sword to his body but gracefully he managed to control over him and cut his head with his own tactics and this was the excellent and marvellous experience journey engaged by the young brigade who was shown his efficiency in the art of clash. He was great because he possessed in an extraordinary degree the qualities without which the highest success cannot be attained, and the absence of the commonplace virtues which belong to the average citizen neither diminished nor affected in any way the distinction of character. He was born ruler. Men obeyed him with instinct and because they had no power to disobey . He spent most of the time fighting with the Durrani rulers of Afghanistan. After driving them out of Punjab, Ranjit Singh and his Sikh army then invaded ethnic Pashtun territories in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He captured Multan which encompassed the southern parts of Punjab, Peshawar (1818), Jammu (1812–13) and Kashmir (1819).When the foreign minister of Ranjit Singh’s court, Fakir Azizuddin, met the British Governor-General of India, Lord Auckland, in Simla, Auckland asked Fakir Azizuddin which of the Maharaja’s eyes was missing, Azizuddin replied: “The Maharaja is like the sun and sun has only one eye. The splendor and luminosity of his single eye is so much that I have never dared to look at his other eye.” The Governor General was so pleased with this reply that he gave his gold watch to Azizuddin.All the great fighter in India was born by the gypsy /Rajput in India but not coward and selfish Brahmin but we will find the publicity of their people figure are always remain on the top of the list because the entire administration are under the control of them being they were learners and scholar .Today all the dalit and nomadic tribes should pay the tribute to the great maharaja Shri Ranjit singh who was the lion of Punjab for his mastery and skill for ruling the Punjab ,Lahore and jammu Kashmir and registered his name in the history of nation because he has sacrificed his entire life for the welfare of sikh religion and washed out the Afghani people from our India.

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