Son of Bhimani Hon. Mohan Naik:Great literary who exposes Gorboli language and cultural beauty / harmony-rich elegance in the world…

Famous literary, poet, storyteller, adopting the elements of freedom, justice, equality from humanitarian ideas, Bapu Bhimaniputra of Maharashtra State, Mohan Naik has written valuable literature for the entire Gor Banjara community on Gor-Banjara folklore, glorious history and culture.

This is proving to be a guide to all the core / Gorbanjars. He has exposed the aesthetic elegance of Gorboli language and the glorious Gor culture to the world.′′

Literature has no place for dialect. This vote journalists gorboli language expression is an appeal!” He has made valuable amendments on this topic. Due to reason, he is the President of the 5th All India Gor-Banjara Sahitya Sammelan, Dombivali, Mumbai. He has tried his best to give justice to the Gorboli language.

Originally written by him ′′ Gorpan ′′ i.e. I reviewed the book named ′′ Bhimniputra’s GORPAN: The Linguistic Beauty In Gorboli Dialect ′′ [A Socio-Cultural Study And Analysis] (ISBN-978-93-87538-88-7) By writing in form, because of Bapu, our glorious cultural heritage has reached the world today. Gor-Banjara of the world, Laman Roma, Gypsy Banjara’s Gor-Banzara literature has created a new history and record in the world.

Bhimani Putra Mohan Nayak
Bhimani Putra Mohan Naik

This book is available on online web portals of the world. If you wish to read this book, today on his birthday, I hope you can find this great literature from home through the link below the country. (Grab your copy before stock is over)……/bhimnipu…/p/itmf2qa8bjmecec8……/bhimniputras-gorpan…
By reading this book we can contribute valuablely to enriching our cultural heritage. In Bapu’s literary creations, the then culture and relevant history of the Gor-Banjara community speaks.

He has presented this socio-linguistic linguistic illustration of life’s emotions, circumstances and their problems from the sources of folk literature as he is and still is today. If you want to know the ethics, language-feelings, residence, hope-aspirations, sorrow-happiness and understanding of the entire Gor-Banjara community, then you must read the literature of Bhimaniputra Bapu. I had expected a year ago to celebrate Bhimaniputra’s birthday as Gorboli / Banjara language pride day for his great literary work but it did not get proper encouragement by our society.

We have to make this campaign a success with your cooperation.Bapu’s literature in the Banjara community will remain a trilogy truth. We have to expose our self-esteem more by strengthening the reading culture.Bapu’s core-gor society, and in our eyes, there is always a different and supreme position and will remain.
Bapu thank you very much for being the greatest in Banjara literature world, and most important part of my life.
Happy birthday to you Bapu..
May you live long, with this wish…
Yours –
Dr. Dinesh Seva Rathod
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