Part 8- Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj History

Sevabhaya and his companion Dharmasoth were Taking bath in the river. Gold chain worn by Dharmasoth was lost in the river. Sevabhaya prayed Sri Jagadamba and by her grace they retrieved the gold chain (Harilal Pawar). Another incident is mentiond in the Penaganga ghats. Sevabhaya, accompanied by Dharmasoth and Ramachandra were travelling in the area. During their stay at this ghat, pindaras (another tribal people) tried 10 chase them with the intention of stealing cattle and sheep. During this chase, Bhaya and his group crossed the river. It is stated that the river gave safe way for Sevabhaya group by dividing into two.

When pindaras reached the river and were crossing the river, the stream came with such fierce force, most of the pindaras were washed away. (Kalyan Naik, Harilal Pawar) Another incident happened while they were travelling in this ghat.
Garsiyabull was stolen by a group of tribal people (Bhills). There was fight between bhills and banjaras. With the help and grace of Sri Jagadamba Sevabhayas group defeated the bhills and brought back the bull.
After crossing these ghats they proceeded towards and reached Surkhand (Surath). This information reached the ruler of Surath who expected that Sevabhaya and his followers will offer greetings to him. The ruler of Surath was disapointed and became angry when they did not pay their respects to him. He ordered his soldiers to punish them. The soldiers stole the big ram (male sheep).
Next they came to collect the taxes and asked them to pay the amount of taxes for grazing the cattle and sheep. Sevabhaya and his group refused. There was argument and counter argument and ultimately a fight ensued between the soldiers and Sevabhayas group.

They fought with arrows and whatever weapons they had. The fight was fierce. Ultimately Sevabhaya and his followers won the battle by help of Sri Mariamma. But they did not retrieve the sheep because they had killed and eaten during the night (Kalyan Naik). From Surath they travelled back towards east and reached Nasik. at Nasik they worshipped Sri Rama and Lord Shiva on the bank of Godavari river. They also visited
Chitrakoota and worshipped Sri Rama and Sri Sita. It is stated in Ramayana that Chithrakoota was the place where Sri Rama, Lakshman and Sri Sita lived for a long time during their stay in forest. continue…Part 9

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