Part 7- Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj History

In a second incident, there was breakdown of an epidemic (cholera) in the vicinty of Hyderabad city. Surprisingly there was no epidemic around banjara hill where Sevabhaya was staying. When the Nizam heard this miraculous news he told his soldiers to request Sevabhaya to come and meet him. On his meeting the Nizam requested Sevabhaya to do something to get rid of the epidemic Sevabhaya agreed and asked the Nizam to supply materials for the pooja. After obtaining the pooja materials Sevabhaya asked his people to do bhajans while he does the pooja and prayer. He prayed Sri Mariamma and sat for meditation. By the grace of Sri Mariamma the epidemic stopped and peace prevailed.

Raja dekhana danga vego Bhayana
Dhanne Dhanne vey tere goruna
Banjararo kharo kulaguruna

After this incident the Nizam accepted the divine power of Sevabhaya and realised that Sevabhaya was really miracle man. The Nizam offered financial help to Sevabhaya but he refused to accept any financial help. Then, the Nizam requested Sevabhaya to oblige for his portrait for which he agreed. The Nizam ordered his artist to prepare the portrait of Sevabhaya. The original portrait from the family museum of the Nizam of Hyderabad was obtained by Kalyana Naik and Tharanath Pawar of Banjara Parishad of Bangalore by the help of Sri Chandra Bhanu Rathod of Nizam district. This portrait is photographed and displayed at temple built at Sevagad.
Here is given a recorded conversation between Sevabhaya and the Nizam during their meeting from Chronicle of Urdu language (quoted from Raja Banjara magazine in hindi volume II, number 4 of 16th Feb 2008)Original recorded conversation in urdu between Nizam and Sevabhaya

Nizam   :    What is your name?

Bhaya   :    My name is Sevabhaya

Nizam   :    Whom do you worship?

Bhaya :      We worship Sri Jagadamba

Nizam   :    What do you offer during worship?

Bhaya :      After pooja we sacrifice goat

Nizam   :    Does Devi eat the offerings

Bhaya   :    Ji Nahi, She will sit along with us

                 and eat

Nizam   :     We offer you some Jagir

Bhaya :       No. All expenses will be given to

                  me by Devi. I will travel all over by her order.

Nizam   :      Will you oblige for your portrait?

Bhaya   :      Yes, I agree for my portrait

From Hyderabad Sevabhaya and his group proceeded to Nanded. (Maharashtra). A large number of banjaras live in this area. I learnt that many of the banjaras are converted to Sikhism. But they worship Sevabhaya in addition to Sri Guru Nanak. From Nanded they travelled towards penganga ghat godavari) where facilites for grazing cattles were available. An incident occured at Penaganga ghats.  continue…Part 8

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