Part 5- Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj History

On the way to Shimoga, Bhima Naik and his group stayed at Surgondanakoppa (Surkhand). At this place facilities for grazing the cattle, water and area for their settlement of 360 families were available. Hence they stayed at this place longer than other place Temples of Sevabhaya and Sri Mariamma are now being constructed on the hill near Surgondanakoppa by the nelp of Govt, of Karnataka.

It is stated (rupees 2 crore has been sanctioned by the government of Karnataka for this purpose and work is going on) Local people claim that Sevabhaya was born here.
From Shimoga, Bhima Naik and his group moved towards Sirsikota (Sirsi) where they worshipped Sri Marikamba. It is stated that Bhima Naik and his group Decame very poor because Sri Marimma was very angry. Reason is not clear. It is stated that Sevabhaya and his companions had to collect grass in the forest, sell it in the market of Sirsikota and bought wheat, rice and black goat (Harilal Pawar) for their livelihood.

Sirsikota ma khad vechana
Hot kidora Seva ghanv,
chava mol layora kali patena

In the market of Sirsikota he sold the grass and Drought wheat, rice and black goat) From Sirsi, they moved towards Mangalore, An incident occured in Mangalore involving a merchant ship. The merchant ship belonged to Durai raj of banjaras.

He was a rich merchant doing business in metal products such as gold, silver and other metals. His boat had arrived at Mangalore harbour but had some trouble. Even after repeated repairs his boat was not starting Dorairaj had heard about Sevabhaya and his divine powers. He approached Sevabhaya and requested for his help, Sevabhaya readily obliged Sevabhaya worshipped Sri Jagadamba and performed pooja and meditation. After the pooja Sevabhaya entered the ship. On his entry the ship started moving (Kalyan Naik).
From Mangalore Bhima Naik and his group proceeded towards Mysore which was then a Royal Principality. At Mysore Sevabhaya purchesed Silk vasthras and other provisions and exchanged materials by doing trade.

Maisoore ma Reshma vasthra
Kharido Sevabhaya

Note: Harilal Pawar writes that from Mangalore Bhima Naik and his group (Bhila Kharbhari, Roopa Naik, Soma Bhangi, Kesha Bhangi, Nathya Vadathiya, Lakshma, Sakya, Patya) went to Hyderabad via Uravakonda, Guthi, Ananthapur, Guntakal and reached
Hyderabad. But Khemu Singh Jadhav in an article in Raj Banjara writes that Bhima Naik and his group travelled via Madakeri, Chinapatna (Chennai), Chithoor, and reached Tirupathi. But Kalyan Naik informs that Bhima Naik and his group passed through Madakeri, Mysore, Madurai, Thanjavur, Chennai and reached Tiirupathi and then Hyderabad.

From Mysore they travelled to Madurai, a temple town. Sevabhaya worshipped Sri Meenakshi and spent some days praying and meditating. From Madurai they proceeded to Thanjavur. The soldiers of Maharaja of Thanjavur prevented Sevabhayas stay and grazing of cattle and prevented the cattles to drink water in the river. The soldiers complained to Maharaja who called for an explanation from Sevabhaya and his group. Sevabhaya was intelligent and clever. He argued successfully and convinced the Maharaja and asked Maharaja to allow for his stay for a few days. continue…Part 6

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