Part 2- Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj History

Life of Santh Sri Sevelal Maharaj:

Gollaiadoddi is in Guthi (Gooty) taluk (Mandal) of Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Guthi and Guntakal railway stations are situated 10 kms and 20 kms respectively on the state highway of Andhra Pradesh. Ramji Naik’s thanda, when deserted by the end of 18th century, the local population built a village called Cherlopalli. This village now is under the revenue village of Gollaladoddi, Guthi taluk of Ananthpur District of Andhra Pradesh.

Santh Sri Sevelal Maharaj was born among banjara samaj of Rathod gothra (Bhukia), Ramavath pada (sect) He was also known as Sevadas, Bhanvarilal and Sevabhaya. Sevabhaya is a common name used by most of the banjaras. Hence he is called and written as Sevabhaya in these passages-Sant Sevalal Maharaj with Garashiya, Nandi

The great, great grand father of Sevabhaya was Ghasiram. He had two sons: Lalu Naik and Ramji Naik. Ramji Naik was married to Mangalibai. They had three sons: Bhima, Khema and Hema. When Ramji Naik settled in Ramagundam his sons were grown up.

When they came to this place is not exactly known. When Bhima Naik become of marriagable age, they started searching for a suitable bride. After sometime they learnt that there was a rich man by name Goram Naik of Jadhav (Vadathiya) gothra in Heropur thanda near Chithradurga district of Karnataka and he had a daughter, named Dharmini Bai.

Goram vadathiya cha chitor gadema
vora chhori chha ek Dharmini Bhimana kar mangani

Ramji Naik called Bhataji Karbhari and asked him to go to Heropur to negotiate with Goram Naik for the narriage of Bhima Naik with Dharmini Bai.

Ramaji Naik melocha mana atha
Vore balana chori dekena
Thara chhori Dharmini deda Bhimana
mana niropa keda thamar
Goram kerore keda Naikena
vore balana kanyadan karoochu

Bhataji karbhari reached Heropur next day and told Goram Naik that Ramji Naik had sent him to see his daughter Dharmini and to negotiate for the alliance. He asked Goram Naik whether he is agreable to give in marriage Dharmini to Bhima Naik Goram Naik was very happy and readily agreed. He asked Bhataji to inform Ramji Naik that he is fortunate to have this alliance.

He is ready to offer kanyadana of Dharmini to Bhima Naik. Bhataji returned to the thanda of Ramji Naik and informed Ramji Naik that Goram Naik has agreed for this alliance. He asked Ramji Naik for the preparation for the engagement (sagai) function. Ramaji Naik felt very happy. He made preparations for the engagement function and invited all the elders of his group for the function and went to Heropur for the engagement. Goram Naik was very happy and made elaborate arrangements for the reception of Ramji Naik and his followers. continue…Part 3


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