Part 13- Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj History

Contribution of Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj to Banjara Community:
Banjaras believe that Santh Sri Sevabhaya was a social reformer. He also had divine powers. They respect and worship him. These are evident by their oral stories, songs and dances. He set an example by becoming a tee-totaler and pure vegetarian, there by showing kindness to animals. He taught his people to be kind to animals. He taught that we should follow ahimsa. (non-violence). To please God animal sacrifice should not be done. Instead prepare sweet dishes and do the homa by offering sweet dishes. That is why every banjara offers sweets (lapsi) to Sri Sevabhaya.

Drinking alchol and eating meat will lead to backwardness in every way. That is why he was a teetotaler and pure vegetarian. He taught his people to develop atma viswasa and swabhimana. He taught his people self reliance and awakened them to lead a truthful and honest life. For this good thinking and doing is necessary. He preached them that one is born equal, not poor or rich. Do not underestimate yourself.
He travelled extensively in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. He preached and awakened his people about manavdharma, unity and hard work. When Britishers put restrictions on their trade and formed laws declaring them as criminals he protested and united his people.

Banjaras believe in hard work. He taught them dignity of work. As Basavanna told his people that “kayakave kailasa” sevabhaya taught them work is workship. That is why banjaras believe in hard work which leads to progress of the country.

****** Jai Sevalal *****

Writer/Author: Dr N.Thakur Naik, MBBS, Ph.D.

Update By : Govind Rathod

Update date : 5/11/2017

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