Punjab celebrated Teej Festival -Kamal Dharamsot‎

Ladies from Dharamkot Tanda, Phagwara, Punjab celebrated Teej Festival on August 9, 2015. It was a first function by the girls and ladies of our Tanda Mohalla Dharamkot. Here I am presenting some photos of the function. Idea behind this is to encourage the girls and ladies from Bazigar-Banjara Bastis (Pedho/Tanda) to come forward for the Unity of Goaar/Banjara Community through this kind of Cultural Activities. My FB friends who are interested in social development of our Goaar/Banjara Community, can come forward and encourage the Goaar/Banjara girls and ladies from their Bastis/Pedho/Tanda to organize this kind of functions. Remember if our women are learned about our history and culture then we can unite and progress with fast speed. Jai Goaar! Jai Banjara!!




Editor :Kamal Dharamsot‎