Prof. Sandesh Chavan profile Gor Sikwadi (Karbhari)

Sandesh Chavan Gorsikwadi

Prof Sandesh ChavanSandesh Chavan MA,PhD(leaved) Eco,MU, a very talented,versatile & handsome personality,Service to man is service to man is his motto,travelled throughout India,reached 12000 TANDAs across India,The Man who is always icon & ideal personality for us.

“मारे गोरुन गोर करायूं , गोरुन केसूलानांयी मोरायुं , मुयी मटीन सरजीत करीयू, गोरूर गोरवट राज लांयू !!!”

If you will ask Sandesh Bhiya what is your address where do you leave, don’t get surprise if he tells “My mobile number is my address”. Yes, Sandesh Bhiya is the first person in “Gor Sikwadi” who devoted his entire life for “Gor Sikwadi” social work.

A 24 year old M.A Economics post graduate student was doing PHD in Mumbai University and also working as Professor has decided to devote his entire life for “Gor Sikwadi”.

He is from a very respectable and wealthy family, his father is a government officer and his uncle is a senior police inspector in Mumbai police, being an elder child in family everyone were always caring for him, he is dearest to his mother and more dearest to his grandmother. It is hard for anyone to take such decision to leave entire life away from home and not to get married, but to take such decisions lion heart courage is required. If someone asks Sandesh Bhiya how you did this, he always says “I heard my inner soul’s voice, my community need my devotion, my devotion could be an example for next generation that everyone should give pay back to society be it time, money or manpower”

Progressing on Sandesh Bhiya’s footstep Arun Chavan, Vilas Rathod and Sugriv Rathod has also devoted their life for Banjara community.

Sandesh Chavan Sikwadi

Sandesh Chavan Sikwadi

Sandesh Chavan Sikwadi

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