Pravin Naik, A.P.

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Believers /thinkers /Disciples of SEVALAL BHAYA
India is a treasure trove of traditions, each with its own habits and customs. Amongst one such is the tradition of the lambanis, who are widely known for the colourful dresses they make and origin from rajashthan mainly from mewad and chithorgad .They were the follower of Prithiviraj chavan while they were supplying provision and arms to the armies of these historical kings.As Rana pratap has defeated from moghul they lost their dynasty and become refugees and followed to the forest and made a cravan in hillocks area where all the community people used to stay al together .It is true that they are the victimised person after the lost of ranapratap empire .For their livelihood they have followed their trade business which were not successful and at last they have migrated to different place and adhered to farming
Lambanis are traditionally engaged in the collection of firewood, construction work and knitting lambani dresses. Modernism may have made inroads into their tradition, but nearly 70 per cent of the people are still continuing in the footsteps of their predecessors.Banjaras believe in hard work. They trust to their saint who took on an eternal role during the early 1980 and still people believed that he is supremacy god in their faith.Sevalal was devotee of mariyaamma and he prayed with whole heartedly and in dedication manner to safeguard from that disease.He has done meditation for seven day and at last by the grace of god the epidemic disease has stopped and people has got relief from the disease.
.During the nizam regime period in Hyderabad the disease was occurred and people were given up their life due to cholera but it was surprise to note that where sevabhaya was staying there the cholera disease was not attacked around the banjara hills.As soon as the miraculous news was got to the Nizam he ordered to his soldiers to called to the sevabhaya and meet to him.The Nizam was requested to sevabhaya in pleasing manner and told that to do something favour in order to rid out the epidemic disease for which many people have become victim. With the devotion
This was the greatest achievement made in those days when sevalal had blessed to the nizam people during that period. Thereafter people has started to become the devotee of sevalal .He has taught how to maintain the dignity in the work and also inspired to our people that work is worship .Considering to this point our banjara people believe in hard work which lead to progress of the country in every corners where they have indulged in anywork.Sevalal has roamed all over the state like Tamil nadu ,Karnataka ,Andhrapradesh and maharshtra .He was pure vegetarian and honest in his philosophy . He preached and awakened his people about manavdharma, unity and hard work. When Britishers put restrictions on their trade and formed laws declaring them as criminals he protested and united the people.
Today, sevagad area is traced from the Anantapur district where our community people have laid the foundation of temple of sevalalbhaya for which the government has given the free land to our trust. Banjaras believe that Santh Sri Sevabhaya was a social reformer. He also had divine powers. They respect and worship him. These are evident by their oral stories, songs and dances. He set an example by becoming a tee-totaler and pure vegetarian, there by showing kindness to animals. He taught his people to be kind to animals. He taught that we should follow ahimsa. (non-violence). To please God animal sacrifice should not be done. Instead prepare sweet dishes and do the homa by offering sweet dishes. That is why every banjara offers sweets (lapsi) to Sri Sevabhaya.seva bhaya was actual origin of andhrapradesh which is situated at gooty ramji nayak tanda in anantapur district Peddadoddi Revenue Village. Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj was born on 15.02.1739, on this Holy Land, to parents Shree Bhima Nayak and Dharmini Yaadi .His grandfather was ramji nayak who was come from rajasthan and settled in that place with 360 families and 4000loaded cattles .He stayed with his father and mother upto the age of 12 year from the birth .He was the devotee of lord shiva .Surrounding to their villages there was full of forest and hills where there was a mandir on the top of hillock namely chandragutta .It is surprise to note that till today all the epics and monument are in existence.His father was parmukh of the village and all the people use to respect diligently and with love affectionately . The Sevabhaya mother’s dead body is buried in his village called Gore in our Gor community, but those who are believer they are doing Pooja and maintaining the holy life in the ringing region. Sevalal maharaj has given his life in the pohradevi place where his mandir is still existed and all the disciple and follower from Karnataka and maharshtra /andhrapradesh frequently visiting to the place.After lot of search from the various place it has come to know that the birth place of the sevalal maharaj was GOOTY-BELLARY ROAD place and in the history of Banjara the community with full spirit and excitement has celebrated Sevabhaya’s 262nd Janmotsav, at this holy land on 15.02.2001 and sanctified it and named this land as “SEVAGAD”, at the hands of Shri Ranjit Naik, President of All India Banjara Seva Sangh (AIBSS).
Author –Ar.Pravin Naik
Banjara gypsy –Anantapur dist