Poharadevi- Holy Place of Banjaras


Poharadevi is one of the important and well known pilgrimage of Maharashtra particularly workshiped and devoted by Banjara Samaj. It is a wholy and pious place for Banjara community. The people belongly to Banjara tribe come in crowed of thousands and lakes all places of India to workship deily of Poharadevi. The present research paper depices the important of Poharadevi as a one of the pilgrimages of Banjara community in India. Poharadevi a holy village in a Maharashtra, has been emerged out as pilgrimage center. Since it is associated with ‘Sevabhaya’ and ‘Jagdamba devi’ Temple a diety worshiped by the millions of people from all over the state and outside the state as well.

 During the last one decades Poharadevi has witnessed remarkable changes in population number occupational structure, business structure etc. Geography is mainly related to the study of cause- effect-relationship of various phenomena in the context of space and time. The present study aims at analyzing various aspects of Poharadevi pilgrimage center.

Following Hindu calendar one major fairs have been held in a year in Poharadevi, of which Ramnavmi fair ( held in march ) . The remaining three fairs are also characterized by the visit of thousand
devotes. More than Fifteen lakes people used to visit Poharadevi annually.

Area: For the Research essay Poharadevi, the religious hill station has been selected Vashim Dist.
Is situated in Maharashtra state at east region. Poharadevi is situated in Vashim District at Manora Taluka, The total Geographical field of this village is about 550 het. And the year of 2001, the population and this village is 4726. And the total houses are 675 and there is a religion school for the lodging of pilgrims. The temple of Jagadambadevi is built in the middle of the village by the monumental temple of the Saint Sevalal Maharaj. The fair is arranged on the occasion of the Rammanavmi in Chaitra Shukla Paksha. This fair is helled for seven days continuously. The number of the pilgrims comes to this fair from the different states and districts.