It is immense pleasure to fetch to your kind notice that the election result has declared and BJP Govt has capitalized into two state Haryana /Maharashtra. Conversely, we may observe that the veteran congress party has broken up due to non availability of outstanding leaders. But at once the query comes up in the mind of Banjara community where we are and what we have possessed to pull in the MLA Seat in the present setting for which the election result has held.
As far as concerned the election scheme, we have noted that our community people have acquired very few seats amongst all over the parties out of which we have gained only 4 seats in Maharashtra and 1 seat in Haryana which is blowing out of the water to learn despite our reservation policy say that our actual seats should be allotted 7 seats as per the physical composition and fundamental right to the downtrodden community .Then how come the balance seats has gone when our fundamental right say that the reservation should be utilized in an appropriate way as the ratio of the population .Do you think so we are incapable to obtain the MLA Seat or else we are not having adequate capacity to lead the quality of leadership tempo .Certainly, orthodox thought and superstitious belief are there amongst our community members but eventually the result has appeared in the desk board which are very poor and not acceptable to us. The congress government has totally neglected to our people and encouraged to Maratha people for issuing the reservation 16% although they are second line to Brahmin community. Resultantly, today the congress government has got lesson which is an example of recent election held in Haryana and Maharashtra regime.
But it is also unfair that our community people are not getting enough justice due to lack of unity and strength compared to other community.Why our Gaur community attitude is futile when we talk about the unity and development of our samaj.?I reiterate that a lack of illiteracy and general awareness has caused the problem for the improvement .In a general course to obtain justice and sovereignty we have decided to come forward and march agitation in janthar manthar ,delhi for the welfare of the community against the government and demand our proposal to bring the equivalent status as well as to maintain the constitutional right in truth in the presence of parliamentary democracy. If we view the history one can recognise the melodious song created by the great lyrics in pleasing way and the stanza is Mai Banjara le ek tara guma bharat saara.In my view i say that we have roamed all over the country but could not achieve any thing till the date because we are illiterate and unemployed but it is surprised to note that humiliation and discrimination has being become part and partial of life for gaur community in the 21st century which is absolutely meaningless and unfair mean resolution in this ruling government .The government has created many autonomous body to safeguard the downtrodden community but in actual scenario it is only to pretend off and fool to the common citizen ship of the society .In order to safeguard our community and to get the reservation policy each and every state for the benefits of our society we the 1/7th percent of population of india has taken the initiative step to prevent the ongoing monopoly for getting the equivalent status in the society .In this regard we anticipate from the learned scholars and employees of the state to fight with the discrimination and protect our community to come out of the desert for which we have accustomed and habituate to continue in this foul atmosphere .It is also to be noted that can 12 crores population of India have same vision to rid off the pr!
esent situation and go for the new development scheme where one can enjoy the benefits and get the sound relief from the ruling administrator who has captured in the monkey cage and dominating to our community to retain as a peasant and making us fool to survive in this present environment.
On the other hand undersigned has pinpoint the issue of MIM (Majli-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen ) Party contestant Imtiyaz Jalik was elected from Aurangabad Central, defeating his nearest Shiv Sena rival Pradeep Jaiswal by 30,000 votes. So why not our people can formed our own party and bind the relationship with the Muslim league party those who have shown their ability by trouncing the biggest party in Maharashtra state .The principal role of driving our community people is to climb the mountain a with our own feet and abolish the monopoly of the upper caste people in political region.. As the story of the past record say that our community people were flourishes only in the Moghul and Nizam kingdom without having any discrimination, simply when we flash back during the supremacy of Peshwa region our people were treated very low and not make the equivalent position in the company so it is confirmed that we are not Hindu but firmly we can state that we are Gaur-Banjara with pride and deference.
It is also important to note that today we may analyse and find that the Muslim also become the victim under the Brahmin community because entire regime are under their control .Therefore, i earnestly request to our gaur banjara community to make amicable relationship with Muslim and Dalit parties to bring the majority amongst us and fight with the discrimination for getting the equivalent status in the society including in the political background.
So let us join our hand one by one and unite ourselves to give sound reply and apply our ¼ kg of brain inorder to sustain the development of our society and to eliminate the eradication of poverty and illiteracy rate .But ensures that there should be positive attitude and realistic approaches required to fulfil the dream of downtrodden masses .Thus i pray fully plead to our Samaj co-workers to operate our mind and delegate your valuable contribution particularly from employees those who are engaged in state and central government jobs.
Ar.Pravin Naik
Social workers

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