Noteworthy person of Gaur Banjara -Ramu Naik –The Great Personality

Noteworthy person of Gaur Banjara -Ramu Naik –The Great Personality
Ramu Naik the sardar of Banjara had arrived from northern region area .After extensive travelling to different state and villages he fortunately has settled down in the Yeoli village ,Yavatmal District ,Maharashtra along with their family members. Ramu Naik a versatile man of looming personality was lion of that vicinity when he has stayed his life during the period of 1845 to 1919.He was the man of his own philosophy and good thinkers whereas he had maintained his traits to british rigme in terrorizing manner. As terror mean nothing other than justice, prompt ,severe, and inflexible service for the welfare of the society. Ramu Naik a tall heighted person with white colour skin and deep blue eyes was looking amazing unlike compared to other. He was having his own style of living and lived his life in aristocratic manner. The British commissioner of Amravati was visited in his village to hold the assistant for the demand of manpower.

While, discussing the issue the commissioner has arise one question that why you people are short and tall in personality Then the Ramu Naik has expressed the concern and said to him in a pleasing manner, if we see that bullocks and cow, then we may analyze that someone are 100kg and others are 200kg while, in the case of the donkey we may find all are in a similar way, therefore, you can view your person in the alike manner. This quoted word has hurt to british commissioner but still the commissioner has requested to Ramu Naik to depute his soldiers for the specific work.After a lot of deliberation, he has changed his mind and shown sympathy to deliver them to the troops on temporary basis . Ramu Naik was very aggressive and sharp minded person he never scared to the British people. The british commissioner of Amaravti was praised for his knowledge and his intelligence. He was the chief commander of the Banjara community but he has not shown his interest to take advantage of his bravery and his publicity. He was the devotee of Tulja bhavni and today also we may see the Nagara of sevabhaya given to him by their ancestor are still existing in his village. Ramu Naik qualities and approaches were incomparable during the British period .

He was a splendid man of his own principle and dictator in his area; therefore, the british people have given more weightage to him. He was having two son Bhojaji and Narayan naik .He belong to the shakaya Sisodia Gharna which are Chattari rajputs of the Suryavanshi Lineage and the actual origin of Rana pratap and shivaji maharaj families.Ramu naik was having 10,000 soldiers in his area where gor communities were the followers of him .Having some thousand of soldiers the british people has availed the temporary service from him in exigencies .While, the british people have imposed him to give the permanent soldiers for their activities, but, he strictly denied their proposal and could not favour to them.It was the dynamic personality of Ramu Naik, who has never frightened with the tyrannical behaviour of british people and fought with them in a fearless manner. As Banjara community was wanderer in this day, therefore the community has not shown their sense of identity, but it was the Ramu Naik, who has given the shelter to them in the vidarbh region and made them stagnant in that particular area.Later on slowly and gradually the people of gor community has started to settle their resident in the vidarbh region .

This was the biggest achievement and contribution by Ramu Naik, who has given the awareness and general guidance to our people to rest in one place rather to wander hither and thither. As a result , today we may find the densely populated gor community in the vidarbh region with the grace of Great Ramu Naik.It will be a surprise to note that our community brethren Ramu Naik was the izradar during the british period .He was having the izradar of three villages namely Yeoli ,Chinchghat Ram Nagar admeasuring 10500 acres of land and given the supreme power of heading jury from the Nagpur High court. It is really wonderful and incredible to hear that ramu naik authority was greater than that of any man in berar. As a gor community members one can realize and get the shock to hear that the great man of Gor origin Ramu Naik has exercised power to levy the fines of Rs.5000 to Rs.8000/- which can be reckoned the value of Rs.80lac to 1crores in today scenario. The Ramu Naik capability can be recognized because of his image and self-worth when he avails the services of Palanquin or Dali /Palki which was being approved by British people for royal families.The british commissioner was permitted to use palki only to Ramu Naik for his decorum as he has been designated as a jury.The british commissioner asked to ramu naik for recruitment of banjara man in military for permanent basis but simply he flatly refused their proposal being his followers were not interested to render the service of british regime and quit the Ramu regiment.His ancestor is still alive in the Khandesh region namely dhulya and some part of other region like Adilabad where they are working traditionally as a farmer in occupation and also in political arena. Today the ramu naik kins are still continuing in the village having occupation of farming and also in engineering and doctor field etc.It is a matter of deep concern that a great personality like Ramu Naik, who was the product of Diamond carat in our Gor Community has kept aside.while other notable leader like Lokmanya Tilak,Atal Bihari vajapayee , P.V Narisham Rao swami Vivekananda etc of Brahmin samaj have given more importance in particular which is also a political eclipse of once formidable Brahmin being they were belonging to the Brahmin community. As a result, their publicity and attribute are still in existence which is very well known to the common citizen of India. As history has produced many great leaders but great personality of Banjara descendent has forgotten by the government. Because the entire administration is under the rein of the Brahmin community for which they have played the conspiracy to hide our worthy candidate being they are not giving particular importance to our intelligence, they mainly consider the sign of birth which are still in practice.

Needless to mention that our people are not fully cognizant about our notable person which is also a matter of deep thinking around our communal spirit.Thus, as an Architect and town planners i personally feel that until and unless our people will not take over the seat of superior decorum the system could not allow us to enjoy the benefit of equality. During the death of Ramu Naik he has left the line which is brought out the kind notice to us by the great personality veteran Mr.Chhagan Rao Rathod who is the grandson of Ramu Naik obtaining varied knowledge in politics and agricultural field .Well, it is to be duly noted that the actual version was iam leaving my body but my heart will remain ever in the mind of Gor community and lastly, i expressed my sentiment that make the general awareness to our Gor community to remain together and maintain the social relationship amongst us in order for the betterment of Gor bhai. Merely, for that all the aspirants and desirable social workers should be given equivalent valuable contribution to the upliftment of the community without having any mean purpose. Lastly, i regret to inform you that after elapsing of 7 decade after the post independence we are still retained in the same position which is awful news for our Gor community. Further, i wish to state that a Lion has left his body but the reminiscence of history reveal us for inspiring the new generation that if our vision is right then our future is bright and a person having an adequate knowledge can regulate and monitor the administration smoothly with incredible manner.
Ar.Pravin Naik
Social Workers

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