Letter to PM Narendra Modi- Anant Naik

Mr. Narendra Modi,
The Honourable Prime Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi.
Respected Sir,
Subject: Request to take stringent action against anti social elements who has involved in inhumane, unfortunate act in Rajasthan state.
With a great honour &Respected respect to you and your style of functioning as Prime Minister of India we citizens of the country feel great, proud, happy and blessed today.  Sir we would like bring your kind notice that there are some anti social elements actively indulging in communal, most regrettable, unfortunate, horrifying, criminal incident which took place in the state of Rajasthan during last Diwali festival.
‘Nimadi Banjara tanda’ a village in Alwar District of Rajasthan state where socially economically weaker section called ‘Banjara’ (Lambani) community staying since centuries. They are mainly into small agriculture, agriculture laborer and their products are transported with the help of cattle. Nearby there is  ‘Mojanath cattle shelter’( Goshala) which is run by  one Guruji & Bhajarang dal of Sangh pariwar.
When these poor people on their way back to cattle sandy with their cattle for selling / buying in order to earn their livelihood for dependant pity family members. Misguided youths belongs to Bhajarang dal / upper caste were suddenly  attacked the pathetic Banjara’s thinking that they are taking cattle for slaughtering. The attack was so merciless, horrible and most inhumane way which is unfortunate, most condemnable act against human kind and not only that about 40 houses were set ablaze. Victims were hospitalized. Their bodies are so badly burnt that today pity victims can’t  live or die. Today entire village along with small kids, women, aged people are living in a total shock, having horrible uncertain future  (few photos attached for kind information). About 20 accused were arrested.
Sir these types of incidents happened 5-6 times before also, but every time they escape from law as these accused are so powerful highly influenced horrible people belonging to well organized upper community. There main motto is to drive these poor people from that village and grab that entire village land for themselves.
Sir we Banjara community originally from Rajasthan & Gujarat migrated and wide spread all over entire India & abroad. Our community still not so well educated, not organized, they are socially and economically weaker in the society. We have no one to protect our poor community people. We request you to kindly instruct the concerned authorities to take most appropriate action against all accused  & see that this time they won’t escape from law. Today we the citizens also feeling that in India law been really honoured for the first time after so many decades. We are hopeful that justice is carried out immediately for victims and their rehabilitation been ensured in most respectable manner at an earliest.
‘‘ Thanking you sir.‘’
Date: 03 /11/2014
yours sincerely,



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