In what sense does Indian Goar Banjara need to understand International Roma day?


In what sense does Indian Gor Banjara need to understand International Roma Day ?                             ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

On International Roma Day, It’s a Call for Courage and Clarity in the form of universe*
we have to celebrate our world Romani banjara arts, culture, and history.

These events are not wrong and they are better than nothing, but they fail to adequately express the meaning of self-determination and international unity, both of which are at the core of the Roma political identity that was established at the first World Romani Congress on April 8, 1971.

Hence,On April 8, we need the courage to affirm that we see ourselves as belonging to a group that is equally valuable to ethnic majorities. This doesn’t mean we sugarcoat the harsh present or tragic past. On the contrary, it means putting them exactly at the center of our struggle, and approaching them not from a position of weakness, apathy, and hopelessness, but from a place of dignity, confidence, and strength which will definitely empower us being united as strong romani gor banjara in the world..

On April 8, we need to say clearly that our political identity reaches beyond our ethnic culture and our shared history of anti-Gypsyism. These are our starting points from the past, but not our cause. Looking to the future, our political identity must be based on our shared aspirations and collective strength. This is where our cause is.

The Roma and Open Society We know our aspirations. We want every Roma banjara person to feel protected from bad treatment and violence, and to have a fair chance to grow and progress on the basis of our efforts and merits. Collectively, we want to be the ones to make decisions about our culture and identity, and we want to be respected and treated as equal by majority populations.  We have unified for decades already—now we need to do so on a larger scale.

We definitely have more voices, supporters, and opportunities for building international unity and self-determination today, Therefore, we have more responsibility to make April 8 the day to acknowledge the progress we have made. It is the day we discuss our next political goals with courage in our hearts and clarity in our minds.

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