Implementation of New dynamic Leader in Congress Party

To The Honourable Vice President Congress Party New Delhi Implementation of New dynamic Leader in Congress Party Dear Sir, It is to bring to your kind notice that as per public perception you have a great public image as a proactive, scholarly bellwether with integrity and astuteness. The qualities and the morality of your personality state that you are open minded and have great vision for reconstitute the India in skyscraper form .The most paramount thing is that you are practical and munificent about the poor denizen as an independent personality which is quite impressive but not taken the charge of Ministry post for which you are deem fit to that post. Let me express my view and deliberation for hoisting the Congress party in more preponderant height .As you are well cognizant that Congress party is a reliable party to the prevalent denizen of india but today the reputation has degraded in the society due to some unwanted thing has transpire in the past for which the party has faced terrific quandary .As such the minuscule party like AAP has made great start in the political arena and the congress party has got electrification current and good edification about their gap with regard to efficiency and monitoring the administration. It is evident that the congress party do not have vigorous contestant for vanquishing the BJP Party for which you have learned from the recent election held in Delhi.The congress party is plenarily rely upon the dalit and Muslim vote bank but it is additionally noted that the congress party is not giving room to vote banker those who were reliable to their party .As a result you have come across in all the centre .As on behalf of AIBBS I would relish to state that we the only community which has elongated all over the state but our people are not getting chance to lead the party which is the matter of deliberation for the congress party. The source of congress greatest vigor and impuissance is depend upon our vote banking as you are well vigilant that our population are more than 12 crores wherein the dalit population are 18% in India and even Muslim people are 13.5% wherein the Tribal population are 10-12% in authenticity. But it is withal a deep concern that the congress is just utilizing to these community and projecting to ruling community for leading in the political administration but genuine effort and contribution emanate from our community likewise Muslim ,Christian ,banjara and dalit people but we are side-lines . To make the congress party in diamond shape we require some dynamic personality for which congress has to called from our people likewise Muslim ,Christian ,Sikh,Banjara,Dalit and Tribal community Bellwethers in all over state those who have great reflection toward intrinsic values: morality, veracity, humility and liberal, secular ethos. But it is observed that most of the priest community has done the scam and spoiled the denomination of the congress party .The aggression for congress party are still subsisted from Tribal and Muslim community therefore congress party has take obligatory precaution measure to bouce back once again .While re-organising the party you are requested to give berth our minorities people those who are very trustworthy and always cerebrate positive to our congress party .As far as concerned about congress party I personally carried out the survey and observed that only during the Indira Gandhi period our people have gradually progress later there was no consequential development. Even though our people were plenarily dedicated to congress party but in vain therefore I further request you to make some radical change in order to give equal paramount to christain,Muslim ,Sikh,Banjara,Dalit community etc so that there will be no maltreatment in the party and the party can maintained the integrity while the mundane denizen intend to have green environment in the nature. Corrupted people made worse by government’s mismanagement and inaction have racked all the component of region in the past few years for which congress has got blow in the recent election and opponent party has taken opportunity to regulate the realm.To evict the corruption system the congress party should introduce the christian,Mulsim and Banjara bellwether for leading the organisation in lieu of letting to the priest community those who have already tarnished the image of congress party and could not able to convince to mundane denizen about their strategy and orchestrating for obtaining the majority .The recent defeat in the Loksabha election has edified to congress veteran bellwether about the dysfunctional system for which they have relished lot in the past . Nevertheless , We look to the incipient team in order to compose incipient regime in future for fortifying marginal farmers those who are facing quandary after NDA Regime and also for which they have brought incipient scheme about the land acquisition act in which poor farmers who are thoroughly rely upon the agriculture will cause ruin according to incipient scheme. We also hope the incipient aspirants and energetic team will embolden system to follow the old scheme in order to get the benefits to the farmer as a result they may never lose their vocation in term of agriculture. We also anticipate the incipient regime in future will conduct an immediate and open audit of the work of sundry lapse in order to fine-tune responsibility for this resounding failure, order consummate change of the functioning of the administration to make its governance directly accountable to the victims of corruption and additionally involving participation of the vulnerably susceptible communities and independent groups. For this kind of incidence regime will take stern action against the culprit and will give ultimatum result to the prevalent denizen of India for which they expect from incipient aspirant bellwether in order to get sound assuagement from this foul atmosphere. We further wish to state that you will stop this kind of disreputable act and withal adopt incipient scheme for the upliftment of poor people particularly for Muslim ,Dalit ,Banjara and Tribal & Christian to balance the economic and will assign the parity of right at the Centre on top priority. We hope that through you, the congress party will be astride on this path. We hope that together we can work towards equitable, sustainable, corruption-free, pro-people development and governance of India in future. With Regards, Ar.Pravin Naik Social Worker

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