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Somesh Nayak Somesh Nayak wrote on 5 March, 2020
Jai sewalal All of you I would like say thanks to founder of this website Because It's very amazing way for providing history and current of Banjara's. This is a somesh nayak from kannauj,UP This is Youth State Media Incharge of AIBSS,UP Thank you
Nageswarrao Nageswarrao wrote on 8 May, 2019
Please add Arranagula-vasram(gothram)
Amitnayak Amitnayak wrote on 2 December, 2018
Hey there! Please correct the spelling of political.
c mohan c mohan wrote on 29 August, 2018
know more about the bhaipana / gotgra system. detailed history with references mail me on [email protected] . as in our community lot of wrong info. is peomoted by people . & it create the cashes in our community
Jyoti Naik Jyoti Naik wrote on 11 August, 2018
Good write up about Mr. Ranjit Naik. Somebody keeps deleting the Wikipedia page about him. Can someone with experience please make edits so that the page stays available? Thank you.
Deepak Singh Mayia Deepak Singh Mayia wrote on 23 May, 2018
Hi Guys This Is Deepak Singh From Sirsa Haryana Actually I want to know More about Our Gour Community Am A Reserch scholar and How Can I Get More Litrerure On This Please Senior Person Help Me
Santosh Chavan Santosh Chavan wrote on 22 May, 2018
Ram ram sen, ye website par ghano aacho kam chalroch sen hardik abhinandan karuchu. Admin bhiya ti ek request karuchu ki website mayi maximum Marathi bhasharo upyog karecho von poora aapan gorboli mayi karen veni kai ?. kasen kato apan gor bhai jen marathi aayeni vondun bhi se mahiti kalanu ken vinanti karuchu,ram ram
Prabhu Pawar Prabhu Pawar wrote on 15 February, 2018
279th Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaja Jayantotshav.. Maar samajer goor bhai bhiyaun mari yaadi, bheneun, bhai bandun aapno dharmguru sant sri sevebapur 279va jayanti purvak harthik ramram karuchu.... Jai bhavani, jai sevalal maharaja,,,
Hi Nice to see the brothers and sisters of our caste. Pls hv separate website for this and should be state wise various sub caste of Banjara including the marriage portal to exchange and know better for each persons
Prasad Prasad wrote on 24 November, 2017
Jai sevalal, Jai Banjara. Its wonderful to see bro and sisters on this site. Lots of things to be done to uplift our goar brothers and sisters. Its only possible with collective thinking and collectively working for the upliftment. 3 years back we hv started BANJARA MARRIAGE BUREAU at Hyderabad and we are getting good response. We would like to connect to Maharashtra, Karnataka and other areas were our community is finding it difficult to get good match. u can send ur photo and biodata with contact number so that we can get in touch with u. Jai sevalal Jai Banjara
Shriram Rathod Shriram Rathod wrote on 12 November, 2017
JAI Sewalal Jai gormati Bhai aapne apano gor Rajvat lar chh ek gor sagtana m Tayar kido chhu Aakhil bhartiya gor sena Jai sevalal
Ramesh chavan Ramesh chavan wrote on 9 November, 2017
Jai sevalal I m writing a book for banjara cast you can help me banjara history lifestyle culture and more detail please reply thankyou
Ramesh chavan Ramesh chavan wrote on 9 November, 2017
Hi jai sevalal I m writing a book for banjara cast you can help me banjara history, lifestyle culture and more detail please send me my contact no 9822286857 mail id rameshchavan112agmail.com I m wait your massage ya call thankyou
Mamta Rathod Mamta Rathod wrote on 25 September, 2017
Hi everyone, could you please suggest me any book on Banjara history. It will be greatful if you share it in comment
Harish Ratwana Harish Ratwana wrote on 1 September, 2017
Bhai sabhi logo ne maro Ram ram Mein Harish Ratwana( Dharamsoth) bhaiyo jene bhi eei website banayi se oh bhai se ek permission lene chahu su..plse contact to me my mobile number is - 9313242695.Email [email protected]
Admin Reply by: Govind Rathod
Please contact me 9833311883
Shankar Naik Shankar Naik wrote on 29 August, 2017
Jai sevalal, jai Goar bhaai. Apan sanskruthi ghano acho ch. Yen badavnu chaaye. Ma thamar saathema chu.
Family Principal Chart 1. Do at least one time Lunch or Dinner together with family members and try to get update what is happening in the family. एक तरी वेळेचं जेवण घरातल्या व्यक्तीबरोबर करा, आणि समजून घ्या कुटुंबात काय घडत आहे. 2. Do not addict in front of children in the home. / घरात लहान मुलांसमोर व्यसनं करू नका. 3. Keep family decisions secret and don’t discussion important things over the phone give respect to all members and adjust with surrounding. / घरातील निर्णय गुपित ठेवा, महत्वाच्या गॊष्टी फोनवर बोलू नका, घरातील प्रत्येक व्यक्तीला समजून घ्या. 4. Ask Family leader before doing or taking any important activities or decision. Try to avoid buying costly things in the night. महत्वाचे निर्णय घेण्यापूर्वी , घरातील जेष्ट व्यक्तीशी चर्चा करा. महाग वस्तू रात्री खरेदी करू नका. 5. Take 3rd opinion or advice of expert in critical or emergency situations / अडचणीच्या वेळी तज्ज्ञांचा सल्ला घ्या. 6. Avoid using Phone or watching TV while doing important tasks (Study, Lunch & Driving etc.)/ फोन किंवा टीव्ही महत्वाची कृती करता वेळी वापरू नका (जेवण, अभ्यास आणि गाडी चालावंतांनी) 7. Don’t involve known people in family matter, they may be dangerous that unknown people. / कुटुंबाचे प्रश्न सोडवतांनी ओळखीचे व्यक्ती, अनओळखी पेक्षा घातक असतात. 8. Be careful while taking decision of children career and Marriage. Be aware about future. मुलाचे भवित्व व लग्न चे निर्णय काळजी पूर्वक घ्या. 9. Keep Family Emergency Fund. / कुटूंब तात्काळ निधी ठेवा. 10. Take right decision on right time, with immediate action. / योग्य वेळी योग्य निर्णय घ्या, आणि कृती करा
vinod nayak vinod nayak wrote on 18 August, 2017
ram ram.. jai sevalal jai jai sevalal mana apane gor banjara na sene balno ken cha appan se ean ek platform pee avano an apane for banajara na develop karno se states mar gor banjara youth balan ek samaves karnoken mana cha.... maro e bollima koi ballaratho mana maff kardo
Balkrushna Rathod Balkrushna Rathod wrote on 31 July, 2017
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Aap sabhi pyare bhaiyo ko BHAGATSINGH BHAI Ki traf se Pyar bhari ""RAM RAM !" banjara samaj ko aage bhadate rahe .hum aap ke sath hai." DHANYABAD"