Gorpan :The Lingustic Beauty In Gor Boli Dialect” – Prof. Dineah Rathod 

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*Gorpan :The Lingustic Beauty In Gor Boli Dialect”*

[A Detailed critical analysis & Translation]

*Prefacd and written by-Prof.Dinesh S.Rathod*


*Bhimniputra’s – Gorpan:Gor Bolitil Bhashya Saundarya*

  (Coming soon in English version)


  Tanda literature is an idiotic poetry and expectancy as he state of thinking or hoping that something, specially something pleasant and moral thought consisted in it. In Gor Boli dialect, there are many lyrics of folklore,those who do not belong to one person but to the entire Gor banjara community in aesthetic norms. It is the folk song that makes it easy to manipulate the tone of voice in the wave of their  pleasure and sung on particular occasions,.Though its subject matter is often the same, but the places or characters  have different visions of diversity.

       All the cultural ethics come under folk literature of Gor banjara which are uncharted for centuries, but verbally present in the heart of Gor peoples.Though their folk life style  is considered as a phenomenon but Gor folk literature is as a reflection of their primitive life.

  There are many forms of our folk literature as folk songs, folk dances, idioms, puzzles,

 ( Sakees & Saktars,Kenavat) anecdas, legends, stories,proves,and myths etc. Some folk song relates Gor women. It is strongly believed that  Gor women are alive with the protectors and traditions of our culture,  as a carrier of traditions & customs.  The special importance of Gor folk literature in our lives, such as historical, geographical, economic, social, religious, ethical, educational scientific and cultural etc. Thousands of historical facts regarding Tanda systems  (as its scientific  approach) are found in abundance in our folk tales and legends. In reality, the authentic and solid content of the study of anthropology about Gorbanjara is available to us due the book named, ” *Gorpan* : *Gor Bolitil  Bhashya Saundarya” in marathi language,written  by *Bhimniputra, Mohan Ganuji Naik*,( Maharashtra State, India) He is such a writer who is among the first in Gorbanjara who explored Gorboli dialect, Naik has pioneered a number of innovatives techniques about Gorboli dialect and its linguistic beauty.So I mean,he is *The Pioneer of Gorboli Literature*.I am very happy as he enabled me to convert and to analyse critically this book into English language from the point of view of making it global,and make it available to read all my Gor brothers and sisters  in India & the Globe… Hoping that the English copy of the book, named, *”Gor-Boli :The Lingustic Beauty In Gor Boli Dialet”* will be ultimate and real ethnographic description of  Gorbanjara,their dialect its aesthetic approach. *Bapu, Bhimniputra*  helped me to open up the new line of researchs, techniques and arts about Gor culture and Gor Boli dialect…

   Information about the real social condition of human society can be found only through folk literature. It also contains lessons of higher human values ​​and the teachings of rites and rituals .In book , many sakees, saktars, tales,and kenavat are narrated in the sense of Gor unity, their perseverance, love, affection and relationships.So our folk literature is a philosophy of our mass culture., Gor Banjara’s Folk literature can be called as an uninterrupted creation of Indian literature in future,   The most important part of our folk literature is folklore as it is the melodious  voice of our community.

Information about the real social condition of Gor society can be found only through folk literature.The writer ,Bhimiputra’s  expressions about folk songs  are natural and with the rhythm out of the heart. As,In the forests, birds like to sing freely, in the same way, folk songs come out of the heart in a natural way in Gormati, these are simple poetry, tension of emotion is not there. It is my belief that this research analysis and formation will emerge as a milestone in Gor Boli dialect,

But as far as I know, in these arrangements in book  mainly, its literature side has been analyzed, and musical side often the untouchables remain. References and Dimensions of folk literature,The wealthy talented linguist and musical vary intellectuals are both cultured. They have good rights on Gor Boli as zoological dialects. , “Gor Folk literature  is the spontaneous expression of the  is the popular song in the world , It also contains lessons of higher human values ​​and the teachings of rites through linguistic beauty.Our Folklore is the saga of Gor’s Tanda system and scientific  life. They have expressed the feelings of happiness, and fluctuations in life. The values ​​of Tanda’s social system and the virtues are in these folk songs. These are the depths of the simple perceptions and expressions .*Bhimniputrs says that “the origin of folklore is in ethnic music.Nobody can tell the extent to which folklore is expanding. But the religious beliefs and traditions that have been running for centuries are alive.” Gor literature  is born from the depths of the heart, It is my belief that this research analysis in this book and formation will emerge as a milestone in Gorboli dialect as well as for Gor community

My hearty congratulations and peace to *Bhimniputra, Motobapu* for such an unimaginable achievement and meaningful work, I wrote for him. 

*Lets preserve Gor- Boli*

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