Gorbhai brothers & sisters,, our brother

Dear respected gorbhai brothers & sisters,, our brothers been burnt by upper caste in Rajastan recently, our helpless banjara widow raped in gulbarga dist. Just born female babies been killed mercilessly by own mothers, female kids been sold to fill their stomach by own parents in our state, teenage girls been sent forcefully to dirty business. I know that our people are socially & economically weak, habitual alcoholic, mainly labourers, illiterates. This is the updates of all most all thandas,, when our own kith and kin are in shocking traumatic situations, when society faces an burning issues like this, a normal learned responsible citizens like us shouldn’t sit and watch, we can’t be silent spectators, we can’t be so selfish, we can’t be so negligent , we cannot be so irresponsible towards our own brothers. It’s not that I am telling you to go gulbarga or Rajasthan today itself or sit a protest rally in front of vidhana sowdha. I know all this can’t be solved overnight, no magic works, even I know that we all have our own limitations, but still one can condemn the attacks, atleast show your natural anger against barbaric incidents, be a part in consoling for victims. At last pressurize concerned authorities, politicians, leaders responsible. Having so many our banjara MLA’s, Minister, leaders etc. and so called so many number of  gorbhai associations and their presidents, vice presidents, general secretaries etc. what for ? , what for they exist ?, i question everyone of them where are they gone today ?, nobody is visiting the victim ! nothing been condemned !! no statement in media why ?, no emergency meeting with concerned authorities to help victims why ?, are you not a mass leader ?, what prevents you to protest ?, who is preventing to organization a agitations ?,  are you scared of anything ?, are you not a responsible to lead when situation arises like this ?,  it’s not only dr. Umesh jadhav’s duty, it’s joint responsibility of all of us. Can all of you sink your personal egos for our banjara brothers sake ?, Can’t all of you call emergency meeting sit and discuss and go to government ?, can’t you go chief Minister and discuss for 30 minutes about this burning issue ?, can you stop government funding for construction of meaningless temples & unnecessary huge structures and just transfer all funds for better use at konchavaram and other thandas in chincholi tq. today ?. use Social media, communication is so powerful & strong. if one decide, if one determines to do something meaningful to the community, definitely wonders can be done. Instead sitting in a comfort zone just wishing each other good morning, good evening, I agree with you that it’s okay to wish on certain special occasions, but just only these wishes doesn’t matter anything to society, society needs much more from us. We have to think rationally  beyond this point, we have to grow above our selfish motto. I never expected this from my own blooded intellectual banjara brothers. 


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