Goa tourism minister wants ban Banjara community

Banjara Community ban goa

It’s most unfortunate that Goa tourism minister wants ban Banjara community entering Goa. He feels that nomadic Banjara community is criminal and doesn’t suit for Goa culture….. An honourable minister of state who is suppose to treat every religion,caste,creed,varna etc of the entire state in equal,genuine, honest & most truthful way. But look at this blindfold, ill judge foolishness of low mentality min who doesn’t have forethought & dream to build PM Modi’s New India… We Banjara’s little over 6 crore population spread across India, our brothers also staying all over the world since centuries. Banjara in general nature loving, peaceful, honest and noble large hearted people. Criminals are there everywhere and in every community, rules and regulations are there to punish criminals, but min. / govt cannot even think of banning entire community, this is Democratic independent India, he must know that little Goa is tiny part of my great India. It’s most condemnable, unethical and unconstitutional approach to deal with. Concerned Goa minister must seek public apology or our CM Manohar Parikar sir must take proper action immediately before things escalate beyond our control and damage party and future elections in karnataka. (With thanks from the wall of Shiva Gor)

Editor: Kamal Dharmsot

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