Exclusion of Banjara from SC list of Karnataka State By B. D. Pawar from Maharashtra

Short Comments on Exclusion of 4 caste from SC list of Karnataka State
By B. D. Pawar from Maharasht
One of my friend Prof. Mohan Chavan from Nagpur sent me following orders :-
1) Order of Supreme Court given by two judge’s bench on dated 14/2/2020 and
2) letter given by National Schedule Caste Commission office New Delhi to chief secretary govt.of Karnataka on dated 12/3/2020
for further necessary action.
Some of my friends from maharashtra asked me to give short comments on this matter.
While going through the order of Supreme Court and letter given by National Schedule Caste Commission to chief secretary of Karnataka State govt, for exculsion of Banjara,Lambani,Bhovi and Korma Communities from the list of Schedule caste from Karnataka State.

Exclusion of gor Banjara from SC list of Karnataka State

Dr. Sadashiv Commission
Ten years back Karnataka government appointed Dr. Sadashiv Commission for exclusion of these 4 castes. Being a long survey that report was submitted to Supreme court of India. At that time 3 judges bench of supreme court rejected the matter submitted by Dr. Sadashiv commission & directed to do survey by door to door for these castes. As per my knowledge that survey report is still pending from Karnatak state.
It is learnt from the judgement one Mr. Mahindra Kumar Mitra and Others R/0 of Raichur filed a P.I.L. vide Writ Petition (civil) no. 1381/2019 Before Supreme Court of India. Again they have filed application with I A no13793/2019 and another application for early hearing as well as Interim order.
So the matter has been placed before two Honourable Supreme Court judges on dated 14/02/2020.
While on hearing the court given direction to applicant to approach National Commission of Scheduled caste within period of 4 weeks from the date of hearing.
The commision will look in the matter and submit report to concerned authority.
It means the court admitted the matter and given the interim relief giving some directions and disposed off the petition.
The Government Of India on 15-6-1999 (further amended on 25-6-2002 & 4th January 2018) has laid down the Modalities to determine the claims for inclusion or Exclusion from Scheduled caste & Scheduled Tribes list for all the states.
So it is not so easy for include or exclude any caste in the SC, ST list published by Govt. Of India.
Ultimately the power of inclusion or exclusion in the list of Scheduled caste or scheduled tribe lies vested with Loksabha & Rajyasabha of all the states.
The karnataka and other states banjara people have got Scheduled Caste & Scheduled tribe reservation due to efforts of Vasantrao Naik, the then Leader of Congress party and former Chief Minister of Maharashtra.
See The Gazette of India published by Ministry of Home Affairs Notification New Delhi the 29 th October 1956.

B. D. Pawar
Senior activist of Banjara Community &
Banjara Community ST Reservation Sangharsh Samiti Chief Maharashtra.

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