Dr. Papa Naik

Ram Ram all, it’s good that atmatam jadhav, baburao, aswath naik & others made up their mind to protest,,,I know Indra bheeya & other gorbhai are also worried about this issue ,, but sorry to say that most of our members / friends are generally not active when it comes to some community serious issues,,,, I request everyone must share personal views, information, plans, suggestions etc… atleast their natural anger should come out, one must condemn such vengeance, inhumane act, please I request all please come forward stand first for marching, just going few will not help please mobilize in mass as many as possible
our state ex & present ministers, MLAs, leaders must be knowing all this development happening in Rajasthan ?, then why are our community so called leaders so silent  ???,,,, association can take help of neighbouring state Maharashtra gorbhai leaders, ex CM’s,, also

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