Dr Papa Naik

Rajasthan brutality  answers,,,,, in my opinion a) attack because they don’t accept Banjara are also humans & to be equally treated and respected like other upper community in society. b) Actually peoples who attacks will not get much benefits but people behind screen who has master plan with highly influence like goshala Guruji will benefits maximum such people only attacking. c) simply drive poor people from village then extent goshala in one place & rest of his land to convert into for some temple, bhagan etc.. for their personal use in the name of spirituality like Nithya nanda, Asharam bapu doing. d) compare to other community our employee group response is very very poor. I request everyone must protest in their own way in their level, nowadays social media is the best way to make use one needn’t go to Alwar Rajasthan to protest. e) either one,  shifting goshala from thereto another place or Thanda itself for good & better place  will all facilities, if government provide facilities first then shifts,,,, I am sorry for this suggestion because it’s repeatedly happening everytime our community is facing huge losses as no body  is there to support and guide them as these peoples has no education not organised either. Fact is friends sitting at Bangalore or Jaipur we can protest but we can’t prevent them immediately is something again goes wrong after day
Continue,,, is something again goes wrong after a year or two. f) definitely government, administration, law will help. Locally if any strong political leader with honest dr
if any such political leader with honest Dr. BR Ambedkar policy will surely benefit. People having cow body (goshala face) with hidden tiger heart inside will always causes repeated and multiple wounds and nightmare, unless all agorbhai’s (population we don’t know ??) stand united & show that they can handle easily these local criminals it’s very difficult for socially,economically weaker un organized community when such criminals around,,,,,

All thandas must be made liquor free,,, this must be adopted in Karnataka first, now thanda to revenue village programs is going on they must ensure this liquor free concept in and around each such village,,, i am sure one day Karnataka state also liquor free. I don’t know when criminal free states / Nation will be,,,

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