Bulandshahar ki buland Awaaj- DM B. Chandrakala, Banjara Lady IAS

B.Chandrakala- IAS
B. Chandrakala is a member of Indian Administrative Services and currently serving as District Magistrate of Bulandshahr, UP, she is an IAS officer of 2008 batch of UP Cadre. She was born on 27/09/1979 in Garjana Palli Village Ellareddy Mandal Karimnagar Dist Telangana State.

She is a tribeswoman and has reached the IAS post only because of her sheer hard work and perseverance. With whole-hearted support from her family, Chandrakala secured the 409th rank in the Civil Services exams whose results were announced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in 2008. A mother of 9 year old girl, her husband A Ramulu works as deputy executive engineer in Sriramsagar Project (SRSP) at Lower Manair Dam (LMD). She joined Koti Women’s College in Hyderabad to study BA but was married off in the second year. Her high aspirations prevented her from giving up studies and she completed MA (Economics) through distance education and prepared for Group I with the help of her husband who took care of their child.

She was posted as CDO Allahabad and in April 2012 shifted as DM Hamirpur.After this, her post was again shuffled and she was made the Mathura DM on 8 June 2014. She was only the second female District Magistrate of Mathura, after Anita Meshram. Even this post was short lived and within 129 days, she was again posted as Bulandshahar DM. She is very honest and hard working officer in the history of Bulandshahr.

Biodata of IAS officer Ms B Chandrakala
Name :    Ms. B. Chandrakala
Identity No.     01UP072900
Service/Cadre/Allotment Year :    IAS/Uttar Pradesh/2008
Source of Recruitment :    RR
Date of Birth :    27/09/1979
Sex :    FEMALE
Place of Domicile :    Andhra Pradesh
Mother Tongue :    Lambadi
Indian Languages Known :    ENGLISH
Foreign Languages Known :
Retirement Reason :    ON SUPERANNUATION
II. Details of Central Deputation
A.    1.    Whether Presently on deputation to GOI?    No
2.    Date of Start of Central Deputation
3.    Expiry Date of tenure of Central Deputation
4.    Tenure Code
B.         If in Cadre, date of reversion from Central Deputation, if any
C.         Whether debarred from Central Deputation?    No
If so, period of debarment    –
III.Educational Qualifications
Sl.No    Qualification
Institute/University/Place    Subjects    Division
1    BA
College for Women Osmania University Hyderabad    GEOGRAPHY ECONOMICS PUBLIC ADMIN     First
2    MA
Distance Edn. Osmania University Hyderabad

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