Bollywood acting piece… to become a brand of Banjara


“Think big rich grow rich” not only the words of admire but to acquire. Here the example to become exemplary for some who wants becomes a brand in his career. Someone given complement as ‘you’re handsome he has decided to compete with a beautiful, costly and risky field to chase his dream. Maverick attitude led him to strive who is far -away from his foot. He holds opportunity with two hands one hand for his dream and another for his presence as he knows what his destiny costs and happiness lies in his career.

He is none other than Mr. Sunny Rathore from Delhi, He likes Banjara,lives as banajra and want to become a face of Banjara. And Banjara Samachaar tries to catch his time to introduce this enthusiastic rising Actor, Model and celebrity.

Every attempt will be an experience; every experience is a lesson hope this smart guy will become a star in the sky.

  • Would you like to share your family background and you are born and bought up from?​

I born & bought in Delhi, I am 31 Years Old & Married, i have 1 child. We are 2 Brothers & 1 Sister, My Father is a Govt. Employee, My Mother is House Wife, My Elder Sister is married & my Younger Brother is in Central Police. My Grand Father Belongs to Sikar, Rajasthan, Gotra : Dharamsoth

  • What about your education and where did you finished your graduation?

I have done my schooling (10th & 12th) from Govt. School, Parshant Vihar, Delhi I Have done my graduation (BBA) from Distance Education IASE Deemed University, Sardar Sahar, Rajasthan.

  • What do you want to become?

I Want To Become An Actor

  • What inspired you to become an actor?
    Since my childhood, everybody made a comment on me that i am Handsome & i have a chocolate look, so in my graduation time (2005) i made my portfolio from a modeling agency & started struggling. Every Failure motivated me to do more & more efforts & that was my inspiration.
  • Who is your role model?

My Role Model is Akshay Kumar, He was a Waiter & Now a Super Star.

  • Who is your favorite actor?
    My Favorite Actor is Salman Khan.
  • What was your first movie or as model you’re introduced in?

My First Print Ad was for NIFA Delhi 2008 & First Act was in a Bhojpuri Album, in which i act in 2 Songs. Album Name is “Ankhiyan mein Goriya Laga Ke Kajra” 2012.

  • How did you get your first opportunity to prove yourself?

The very first opportunity for print Ad was offered by one of my Ex-Colleague, The ad was for EBay’s Products. & The First Act in Video was offered by one of my friend who is an Acting Teacher in NSD Delhi., after both these works i have done many projects in Print & Video.


  • Who helped you to get an opportunity as actor?

My Friend Kanhaiya Lal, who is an Acting Teacher in NSD offered me 1st Act in his Bhojpuri Album & helped my time by time.

  • How many roles did you posses so far an actor and model?

As an Model i have done more then 40 Print ads so far for every e-commerce sites & as an Actor i have done more then 20 projects including TV Commercial Ads.

  • How is your career now?

Well I am a Freelance Actor/Model & do the projects as per the character required. Once or two in a month. for fixed monthly income i am doing a pvt. job, as in this industry you also need money to promote your Face.

  • What projects currently you’re doing?

Currently I have done 1 TVC Anchoring for Datawind Android Smart Phones.

  • Your Ultimate goal being An actor ?

Being an Actor, my goal is to become a successful Actor/Model so that I may become the Face of my community “BANJARA” in Film & Television Industry.

  • Name the projects previously you worked ?

Last Projects i have done for Anchoring in a TVC & 2 TV Commercial Ads like “Jago Grahak Jago”

  • You’re supposed to advice upcoming Banjara Actors?

My Advice for Banjara Actors is only and only to concentrate on Acting Skills “Read, Speak & Expressions”

  • How do you maintain your fitness?

I usually avoid Junk foods & do workout in gym for 4-5 Days in a week with 10 minutes jogging session.

  • How do you feel as banjara?

Off-course i feel proud as Banjara & i Proud on my Culture

  • What do yo know About Banjara culture?

I know each & everything about our culture as my Father/Mother & other elder people keep on telling us all things since our childhood & we follow the same. Even my Elder Uncle Late Sh. Parkash Singh Rathod was founder of “Banjara Samaj Seva Sangh Delhi”

  • Do you still follow our rituals, since you’re living in a modern culture?

Yes Off-Course i follow all the rituals even my entire family.

Sunny Rathore

Sunny Rathore
Sunny Rathore

Sunny Rathore