Birthplace of Sant Sri Sevalal Maharaj

While Banjara Leaders led by late Mr.Ranjit Naik were trying to locate the birth place of Bhagawan Sevalal, about 8 years back, near Charlopalli(Sevagad, Near Guntakal in Andhra Pradesh), another group of Banjara Leaders have identified a place called Suryagondanakoppa, about 15 kilometers from Shivamoga city of Karnataka as the birth place of Sevalal. Finally both the groups have concluded that Sevalal was born in Suryagondanakoppa and brought up in Charlopalli Thanda. Banjara community members have now built a temple of Sevalal and another one for Mariyamma or Amba Bhavani at Suryagondanakoppa. To reach Suryagondanakoppa, one has to travel to Shivmoga city by bus or train which is  about 250 kilometers from Bangalore. From Shivmoga travel up to Savalanga village on Honnalli Road which is about 10 kilometers from Shivamoga then, take diversion on Shikaripura Road and travel about 5 kilometers to reach Suryagondanakoppa. The priest and his family members reside near the temple and available for performing pooja. In the following photos of Suryagondanakoppa, Sevalal temple is the one painted in yellow and red, Mariyamma temple is appearing in gray colour.  Sevalal is shown in the five feet tall black colour monolithic statue, and the statue decorated with colourful dress and jewels is Mariyamma.

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