Bhimniputra :The great Aesthetician and Brightish Star of Gor-Banjara Literary Era

*Bhimniputra :The great Aesthetician and* *Brightish Star of Gor-Banjara Literary Era*

(In the context of English edition of Gorpan)
✒ *Prof.Santosh H. Rathod*
( *Author-Now Speak English Through Gor-Boli*)

  With the literally efforts of Bhimniputra Mohan Naik, there is a new turn in Gor-Banjara literature. It is particularly stimulating from the essence Gor-Banja culture and literature. As in other literature the word, ‘riti’ was used for poetry. Therefore keeping in mind the descriptive majority of scriptural,aesthetic and creative works of poetry and rasa, Bhimniputra  enunciated nine Rasas in Gorpan and each rasa, has a presiding sense and a specific colour with deep connection with Gor-Banjara cultural prespectolives,
such as Sangar: Romance, Love,Hasni : Laughter, mirth, comed, Kadapo::mourning,Compassion,
Bhayanak:Horror, terror,
Veera : Heroism,Adbhuta(:Wonder, amazement.In this way the clear indications of the Banjaras ancient tradition of folk literature and its beauty and the erotic trends in Gor-Banjara literature are undoubtedly and naturally indicated. * Gorapan * is the perfect example of this.
   A decorated rich form of Gorboli language appears in Gor-Banjara oral tradition.Mohan Naik,has done an unusual job of discovering it.
The following folk song is the apt example of Gor-Boli Sangar Rasa..
    *Pori Ratri Thadi Thandiran*
  *Pinjaroo pej de da*
    *Marie Aodree Sodhe Thadir*
   *Pinjaroo pej de dan*
   Manusa Sasuro Sasaro
   *Pinjaroo pej de dan
Bapu is as a noted literary poet . As a result, it gives a special amount of miraculous Rasas, but * Pinj De Dad * poetry has alienated us. In Bapu’s poetic form, In which the intense art consciousness of an intelligent artist is erupted in place of the greatness of Gor-Banjara culture. An intense source of folk literature flows in which the extremely artistic expression of the delightful issues of romance and its gravity sensations are widely found. We are reading this for the first time.His literature is mostly composed of ornamental and artistic sense.His works is important in both quality and poetic virtues.He has also inspired the creation of various poetic rasas with aesthetic approach . That is why he is considered as brightish star of Gor-Banjara literature era, adopting the unique style, he described the Gor-culture tradition immensely. The book *Gorapan* has been written in the forms of Romance and beauty in the poetry by giving the signs of rasa and ornamentation. The uniquely notation of highly expressive pictures of different postures and love’s idioms in their tolerant literature.
  *Gorapan* as an example of specially designed makeup and stimuli. For this unique reason, due to constrained Gor-Banjara dialect,folk literature and culture, Prof.Dinesh Rayhod analysed in the form of *Gorpan: The linguistic beauty in Gor-Boli dialect (A socio-coltural identity)in English language, with a particular linguistic norms. Dr. Santosh Rathod ,Mumbai has written an excellent foreword for thisbook..You will definitely read it within some days.
     This is why Gor-Banjara folklores accomplished all norms of creative literature. This is why Gor-Boli will definitely fulfil certain rules to include in the 8th schedule of the constitution,
 The honor of Bhimniputrs’s great work; has been selected as the president of Literally Meet organized by AIBSS in Mumbai 2018.
*Wish him all Best !!*
*courtesy*:- *Gorpan : The Linguistic Beauty In Gor-Boli Dialect*- *Analyzed By* *Prof.Dinesh S.Rathod*

Bhimaniputra Mohan naik

✒ Prof.Santosh Hunasing Rathod
Bhavans College, Mumbai.

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