Anti Reservation/Believers of Reservation /Thinkers of society

Anti Reservation/Believers of Reservation /Thinkers of society
People from different state has started the conversation that Banjara should be included in ST Catergory in the state level or not . This sort of message has spread out when I received the news from the various person amongst one of the Banjara has quoted that reservation should not bring to our people because it is not indispensable to them.
• The concerned person is working in the Pharmaceutical company and designated as Manager.But, as the matter is complicated therefore i could not indicated his name but i cognize that he is the great Mahtama and iam sure that he is going to give some benefits to our brethren by making some invention and miracle. He has shown that by obtaining the SC/ST Reservation it will be ruined the name of Banjara as he has advised that reservation factor is not clear the onward motion to our Banjara Samaj. As the matter is sensitive therefore i request to our samaj people whether reservation is really necessary at this juncture when our brothers are not occupied any central jobs in administrative /secretary ,judicious and also in the politics fields . In my view and opinion i further have some doubts that why our people are more superstitious rather than practical . Today in the current scenarios if we visit to the village and also in the cities our people are fronting a great deal of problems due to deficiency of funding from the government and also from the political person because they know that our Samaj people does not have any beckon from any super personality. Why such kind of atmosphere has created particular to Banjara masses one has to be brought in the quantum of pain as per the present existing condition. But,it is the fortune that make us to tolerate the situation and the system does not allow us to make progress in the current scenario. Here are the some example to recognize the precise status of downtrodden people availing the benefits of reservation.To get the real justification Ar.Pravin Naik has brought out the potential reason after learning the un touch ability subject of monetary from great American scholars.
An attempt of Social discrimination
The sc/st or downtrodden people may be rich today because their effort which was put forward during the period in 1947 to bring the independence but in general prevailing condition they are very economically and socially backward because it is the Brahmin community those who trespasses to them and not allowed to get educated . The caste system led to domination of the upper castes (and in particular, the Brahmins) and subjugation of the SCs and STs who were treated as slaves and make them peasant in the 21st century .Only the sc/st people had got opportunities to rendered the service in any organisation as sweeper for cleaning the human sit and garb rage because to treat them low in the society but in the constitution it has wrote that every citizen of the India has tradition of liberty then why the upper caste community has degraded to our people when the article of constitution speak something else. It is the old aged mentality and jealous of culprit people those who are not having humanity in particular .But, they allow to our people when they want to fight with Muslim people just for the sake of their hidden goal but it is our people those who are innocent to support for them because they are the rulers and we are bounded slave people. And notwithstanding the actual percentage of such/st poor people population is more than we have show today as per the department of some other order. It is the death of merit that our people have hold the degree from the upper caste people being we have been treated very low compared to other caste. If the caste system might have not distinguish then there was no question arise with related to caste discrimination but it is the chronic disease that has made paralyzed to them. And for them there are no remedies, only we are the doctor to turn over the ill treatment to them after producing the unity amongst us.
Comparison of SC/ST student v/s Upper caste.
It is true that we are very low in society due to illiteracy and for all the liability goes to upper caste people because they do not allow us to take the benefits of education and employment and still it is in continuation. Wherein for the upper caste they have already occupied the benefits of education and employment despite they do not have reservation in reality. It is only that we are looking in the record that we are having reservation but in practice we may see how much greater extent of progress have been registered till the date. That the upper caste will not focus to bring the reality and make the general awareness to the common citizen of India. Because discrimination are being engaged in the society and our people have been hatred of them .It is also justified by them the potential of learning skills in the downtrodden people are not up to the par ,therefore, we have not possess enough requisite skill from our ancestor ultimately we are in the destitute position today. The above statement is true to some extent but in my opinion the system has not allowed us to take the benefits due to lack of exposure to our brethren. But, now the trends have been changed because of computer world prior to that episode we were not getting the data from them but ,now with the help of computerisation we can learn many technique to go forward in our life. Considering to this, the idea for learning the sc/st is steep but we cannot say it is hard also because of modernisation where everything is possible nowadays for that we need our unity and strength to accomplish our goal.
Hypocrisy of merit.
It to be prudent that manipulative and pretending off is the basic component of upper caste people where they rejoice in actual development. Do you think so that all the finger are alike, no then how could one can confirm that the upper caste are most intelligent ,it is the system that encourage them that they are wise enough compared to other people like us .As the matter related to hypocrisy of merit then i can say that merit is my ass not even foot .The notion can change when our judges can seat over the decorum and then no Eklavya will be culminated his talent in front of culprit sage like Dhroncharya.

Threat to National Unity.
If the system does not allow us to make the betterment of our society, then one have to adopt the separate state or our own country where our people can live happily and there will be no caste discrimination in the society likewise kashmir and Nagaland are prevailing in India prior to 1947. In short ,where at least there will be hope that our voice may be heard swiftly and we can bring the natural justice at an early date.

Ar.Pravin Naik
Social workers