All India Mission Banjara 2020. Our Dream Target for All India Level

All India Mission Banjara 2020. Our Dream Target for All India Level Banjara’s to  achieve by 2020 are: 
Formation of ” Bharath Banjara Dharm” and formation of International Banjara’s Forum,

National Banjara Development Corporation at New Delhi,

Opening of world Banjara’s 24/7 TV news and cultural programmes channel for Banjara programme’s,

Education to all Gor Banjara boys n girls, government schools n hostels in all Gor Banjara village’s/in thandas across the country,

we need to demand for naming of sant sri Sevalal’s university in each states also to demand for naming of sant sri Sevalal express trains which travels across the nation,

we must demand to open Lakhi sha Banjara university in New Delhi n Panjab, also Sri baghavan Haathiram Baabaji medical n engineering colleges in Tirupathi n other states,

also in political line we must
win-50 MPs, 
2 CM’s, 
3 Governors,
50 Minister’s(both at Central & States)
100 MLAs,
100 IAS’s,
500 ZP’s,
1000 Ward Member’s,
5000 Panchayat Members,
100 IPS’s,
100 IFS’s,
500 ACP’s,
1000 CIP’s,
5000 SI’s,
1 Lac Police Constable’s,
50000 Doctor’s,
50000 Engineer’s,
10 VC’s, 10 Judge’s,
1 Lac Advocates/ Lawyer’s,
50000 Professor’s,
1 Lac Lecturer’s,
5 Lac Teachers,
5 Lac Military Soldiers,
100 Scientists,
1 Lac Software Engineers,
1000 Developers/Construction company’s,
100 Multiplex/Theatres,
1000 mutts/saints/saadu santh gurus,
100 International/National Hotels,
1000 banjara boys/girls hostels,
50 Recreation Clubs in main cities,
10 International level Banjara temples,
100 National/International level sports players,
100 state/Hollywood/Bollywood films actor’s,
200 poets,
last but not least must improve our Banjara population to 15 Cr……….  etc
Please add  other things if anything  left out, and kindly forward this message by your name to each and every Goar brothers & Sisters of this country u know, let us try our level best to reach this dream target by 2020. “Extraordinary Genius Gor Banjara’s Can achieve this easily”.  Jai Sevalal, Jai Haatiramji baba, Jai Lakhishah Banjara. With best Regards,
D.S.Naik Rathod Banjara @ Bangalore-Engineer & Real Estate Consultant n LIC Insurance/Investments/Fin.Planning Advisor Mob-9035003909,9880003909,Email: [email protected]

Editor Govind Rathod