“All Indai Goar Banjara Sahitya Sammelan (Literary Meet/Convention) 2017 will be Organized by All India Banjara seva Sangh”

​All India Gor-Banjara Sahitya Sammelan (literary meet/convention)

will be organized by All India Banjara Sewa Sangh in Mumbai


  Press note

(Official announcement)

   Date 23 April 2027


  Gor-Banjara brothers and sisters, you are delighted to inform  that we have the rich cultural  heritage of Gor- Banjara as Gor-gan throughout India or the world. And we feel proud of our rich historical literary and cultural  tradition. Written literature of the senior writers  and novel literary aspects are  coming out recently  in front of us to keep our cultural heritage alive during our glorious  journey. We know that  the realization of our literature and culture is alive in our gorboli dialect as in the oral forms. Mainly flushing such literature,in the future,we need continuing efforts by the medium of literally meet or  conferences for constitutional recognition to our dialect. And this is to be followed by  keeping the values ​​of our culture  ​and  promoting to have  Gor-bangara. In  this year  Gor- Banjara Sahitya Sammelan is organized by All India Banjara Seva

Sangh.Res, National President of AIBSS, Shri.Rajusing Naik and Treasurer Shri. Hiralal Naik had arranged and called for  important meeting with Gor – banjara brothers  in Andheri on dated 23/4/2011,On this occasion, Shri.Rajusingh Naik officially announced that  Gor-banjar’s Sahitya Sammelan (literary convention )will be held in Mumbai enthusiastically.

   The matter of organizing the forth-coming All India Gor- Banjara Sahitya Sammelan in  Mumbai has now become so clear. Presiding over the meeting, AIBSS president , Raju Naik said that ,this  is the third  preliminary meeting regarding this subject matter.He added that  Gor-banjara literary convention is not just  known as a book  festival or writers’ festival, or is a regular gathering of writers and readers, but it will be  usually features a variety of presentations and readings and guidance  by authors to us. The primary objectives is to  promote the gor authors to publish their  book,and enable them to write about our social and culturaI issues, problems. and fostering a love of gor -literature and writing and also appreciating their unique excellency while publishing their books. Gor-banjars from all of all the states resides in Mumbai, For arranging shittya sammelan in Mumbai is so convenient due to the  the railway route, the airroute and community bonds too.

 The aim of organizing Sahittya Sammelan have many objectives such as- To preserve gor-boli and  ease of nation-wide behavior and work, to keep alive, to promote literature of Banjara, promote writers for writing books on topics of social welfare, and giving  them motivation to  publish their books, Gorboli language and literature, Writers, poets, letter-editors, social workers will be honoured by  medals, titles in this literally convention .For this reason, Mr Rajusing Naik,urged in meeting that  all the conveners   should play an important role in organizing this literary convention. and hoped to make it successful through co-operation.  There should also be a resolution for the progress of the  Gorboli, along with measures to overcome social problems.

   As such, many useful works of the society must be done in this direction of the conference. This was discussed at the meeting , 

Mr, Subhash Rathod, Sau,Chhayatai Rathod,Mr.Nilesh Pawar, Mr.Dayaram Aade, Mr. Shrikant Pawar ,writer  are giving  valuable guidance for  Sahitya Sammelan, Nevertheless Gor Kailas D, Rathod and Pandit A. Rathod are are playing important role to spread  news regarding sahityya sammelan through social media . . In this meeting, mainly Mr. Sukhlal Chavan, Mr. Sunil Hajusinga Rathod,  Dayaramji Ade Prof. Dinesh S. Rathod Prof. Ravindra B Rathod,Pandit

.Rathod, Sheshmal Rathod, Nilesh Shivram Rathod, 

Prof. Santosh H. Rathod, Gyansingh Jadhav, Harish Ganpatrao Chavan (C,A,Nag) Arjunaiah Sitia Bhukia, Avinas Rathod, Digambar Nimichand Chavan, along with many more  from Mumbai and suburb were present, 

All India Gor-Banara’s

literary  convention  Committee


  Mr. Sukhlal  Chavan 




From:- Goar Kailash D Rathod

Chif Editer:Goarbanjara News postal and social Activities,

Website:- m.goarbanjara.com

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