The All Goa Banjaara Maha Sangh has condemned the demolition of shri Sant Sevalal temple at Baina, Vasco, Goa belonging to Banjara(Lamani) community which was one amongst  the 157 structures recently demolished by the state administration. It has brought about great resentment and disturbance among the Banjara community in Goa. Vibrations have poured out in the entire state of Goa and people were outraged against the present government for demolishing the religious structure of the Banjara community.

The Sant  Sevalal temple was the first Banjara religious temple in Goa built around 40 years ago and by breaking the temple the government  has hurt the sentiments of the entire Banjara community throughout the country. The All India Banjara leaders have also expressed their dissatisfaction and sentiments, which could be seen across the country in the social media in support of the Banjaras residing in Goa. Presently more than 3.5 lakhs Banjaras resides in Goa and supports the economy of the Goa in various fields.

The All Goa  Banjara Maha Sangh leader Anand Angadi said, “ We condemn the demolition of the Banjara temple which has hurt the sentiments of the people across the country among the Banjara community. Our demand to the government is to provide us an alternate land to rebuild the Banjara temple on humanitarian ground”

Another Banjara leader Suresh Rajput said, “All the Banjara demolished houses have not been rehabilated by the government and people are forced to stay in rented houses or have migrated to other states. This is a troublesome situation and the Sevalal temple has been a reunion for all the banjara families during festive seasons so government should look into the matter and help us.”

The Goa Banjara Youth member Ganesh Lamani said, “This is wake up call for all the banjara community in Goa to re unite together due to the demolished Banjara temple which has brought strong vibrations which could be felt in the social media throughout the banjara community in India. The Chief Minister and the local MLA should take keen interest in restoring the same faith in the government by helping the Banjara community.”

The Goa Banjara youth member Taurappa Lamani said, “The CRZ regulations have to applicable to all the people as some of the structures have not been demolished. We condemn the demolition of our Banjara sevalal temple which has been a platform of worship for many devotees across the state.”

The dynamic Banjara leader from Mapusa Yamanappa Rathod said, “The demolition of the Banjara religious structure will have an adverse impact on the present government and if is not tackled in the proper manner will lead to dis harmony and disturbance among the society. So government should consider our proposal to rebuild the religious structure.”

The Banjara community is disturbed in the entire state of Goa as tears rolled out while the demolition of temple started and its impact is also felt in the neighbouring state as well. The All Goa Banjara Maha Sangh members request the Chief Minister and the local MLA to at least provide us an alternate land to reconstruct our religious structure and bring back the same glory among our Banjara community.