All Banjara soldiers and volunteers of various social cultural and political organizations

All Banjara soldiers and volunteers of various social cultural and political organizations (i.e.AIBSS, BBKSS, GBSS, BKD, RBT etc.)
requested do the survey of Banjara community on the following points at the earliest,inorder to our strength.I’m quite positive and sure about  your honesty,hardship,interest and worship against Banjara community as a whole……..

1)No.and name of Taluka..

2)No.and name of Tandas…

3) population of every Tanda…

4)Names of Nayak, Hasabi, Nazabi,Karbhari,Panch..

5)Names of Pramukh Samaj Sewaks..

6)Names of pramukh  and Karyakarta of each Political Party, I.e.NCP,INC,SS,BJP,MNS,OTHERS…
7)Names of  Doctors, Engineers, vakeel,Professor,Teachers,Gramsevaks,Talathi,Govt Servants,Semi Govt and Industrial workers,

8)Members of Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samitee, ZP,Co. Op.sectors,(Bank,Society,Milk Federations,Other Federations,etc.

9)Patrakar,Lekhak,Sahityik,Kahee,Shaheer,Banjara Geetkar,Bhajni Mandals, Sant Maharaj, Kirtankars,

10)Other eminent Social and Ctural Persons who runs the Tanda administration.

12)Education taking girls,boys students,

13)No.and Names of the College Students and higher education taking students of the Tanda..and where the students are taking Education..

14)Sportsmen of the Tanda..

15)Special Prize,Award Winner Banjara Persons,Soldiers,Freedom Fighters of the Tanda..

16)Temples of Sewabhaya, Jagdamba Mata, Samki Yadi etc.and Others..

a)With consultation to each Banjara Organization,we are organising

i)Tandawise,Talukawise ,dist wise  meetings,Karyakaarta Shibeers,various camps,Reward Distribution Programs, Sewalal,Banjara Bhajan Competition. ,Drawing, Essay, Debating competitions,Banjara Sant Satsang saptaha…Sewalal Jayanti Satsang,Vasantravji Naik n,Punyatithi programs,Laxman Chairs.ya Bapu Jatayanti,Punyatithi programs,

ii)Division Level programs, Shibeer, Holikotsav, Teej, Lengee spardha,Cultural proIgrams,Peace Processions,Charchasatra,Vasant Vyakhyanala,Gunwant Satkar, Mahila Parishad, Students Councils,Majdoor Federation, Sugarcane workers shibeer,slum panchayat…

iii) State Level Organizing Body meeting,Sahitya Sammelan,Kavee Sammelan,Shahiree Powade Programme…Karyamarta Shibeer,….Various Ctural,Social,programming,Employment Bureau , News papers, Book publication, IT Programms,News Channels,Programms for Farmers, Students,majdoors,Mahila,Girls,Anti dowry movements,….etc..

.iii)Any other suggestions raised and suggested by you all in the Interest of Banjara,are welcome…………….Banjara Bhaiyo,these points have been from my mind…it’s not final…you are requested to suggest are welcome to exclude or include the suggestions….I only request to to read it carefully and think over it…The survey can’t be carried by Govt Egencis..This is what we must have to carry by our own.WE HAVE REBUILT AND REUNITE AS WE DON’T HAVE ANY POLITICAL OR OTHER SUPPORT. You all are once again to think over it. Your suggestions are very useful.
Ramdas Rathod

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