A.j.Sadashiva commission report

Dear gor Banjara’s
These are the informations regarding justice A.j.Sadashiva commission report  which I want to share with you all.
Please read and forward to all communities and reach to the government. Our honorable chief minister Sri. siddaramaiyya want to recommend this report to the central government to implement internal reservation among sc/st. Brief introduction about the report:
A.J.sadashiva communication was formed on 25th sep 2005 under Dharma singh government.Though the commission started working after the release of 11.12 crores by chief minister B.S.yeddyurappa in 2010. The commission had under taken a major exercise conducting door go door survey of 101 category of SC/ST to determined their backwardness.For this a comprehensive 195 question format was prepared which took almost a year.
Queries pertained to educational.cultural,and economic background of the families.This is the real status of the commission which he has to be concentrate but he extend of reservation availed by them.
A.J.Sadashiva him shelf started survey by bifurcate into 4 categories. left wing [who identified with former dy pm jagjivanram ] right-wing[with Dr.B.R Ambedkar and buddiesm],other scs and touchables. Even Dr.B.R.Ambedkar never used the word touchable and untouchables in his preambles. But the fellow justice has used this word. Dr.B.R Ambedkar not Classified any groups.
                He has classifieds the. reservation to the above said group as 6% to the left wing,5% for the right 1% for other scs and 3% for touchables respectively. This means 4%for 99 categories  and 11% for 2 only categories.suppose this fellow was formed a constitution instead of Dr,B.R.Ambedkar just think what was the circumstances?
a)Their are 96 lakh peoples in SC/STs.
b)6 lakh people declined to identify their subcaste. Total-102 lakh.
c)Their are about1.58 lakh SC/STs government employees in Karnataka as per his report.
d)Their are 20.54 lakh SC/ST householders in karnataka.
e)22.7% population scale in Karnataka.
f)200 pages report submitted to Karnataka government. Chief minister Sadananda Gowda received the report on 15th June 2012.
g)195 questions in a format prepared by the commission.
▶ As per his report total tenure is 1 year 5months 13days. ie 529 days
▶suppose he started survey on 1-1-2011 to 14-6-2012 for 20 lakh family, he has to survey 3781 families per day. This is possible Only if he conducted a survey of 24hrs in a day.
▶ He must travel all the 30 districts, 220 talukas, 597369 mapped villages and. 12434 unmapped villages.
▶ To read 195 questions from his format it takes minimum 20 minutes to read and 40 minutes to answer for educated. Just think of the person who is illiterate?
▶ As per 96 lakh peoples, the time to fill the format is 96 lakh*1hr=96 lakh hrs[20’+40′] ▶In a year there are 8760 hrs[24*365] ▶ As per his data the duration to survey is nearly 11 years, but he has taken Only 529 days. Is he God or devil to finished in year?
▶ suppose he has traveled 609803 villages, think of the time he has taken?
▶ Karnataka’s total area is 191791 km^2. How he reached in this duration?
▶ As per his survey there are 1.58 lakh government employees in state.
▶ As many as 37 departments in Karnataka, minimum average of 3 separate wings in each department.ie 101 wings. These all in 30 districts, 220 talukas and 5559 grama panchayats.
▶ Nearly 2500 thandas in Karnataka, almost 90% in remote area. What about other 98 castes leaving in the state. Really touched these places to say as touchables?
▶Now Karnataka government conducting a caste survey by deploying 71577 employees to conduct the survey and each employee must to survey 120 houses in 20 days of tenure.
▶ How many employees in A J Sadashiva commission to reach these places?
▶ Is he alone possible to conduct this survey?
▶ Is this commission really gave fair report?
There are many more facts in this commission to reject this report.
With these few facts which I tried to enlighten to reject this commission.
” please forward this message to reach the government of Karnataka”

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