The supreme court has taken into consideration under SC/ST Category

It is very much pleased to inform you that today the supreme court has taken into consideration under SC/ST Category for our Gor Banjara Samaj.The supreme court has also informed that the banjara may be opted sc/st category rely upon the existing situation .As we are ancient tribes therefore , I humbly request you to all the regional leader to amend the ST status in order to maintain the uniform status as per our communal spirit .Today, day will be recognise the golden day in the history of Banjara .Well, i cordially thank to our prof Mohan chavan from Nagpur who has taken effort and determination for the upliftment of the banjara community. As we are pursuing with the ministry and social website to achieve our goal and objectives accordingly today we have gain the importance of our vision and other objectives.Slowly and gradually we will maintain our stability at the regional Centre and give the production to the national stage in essence for every segment of field likewise politics, NGO, Education, and other social activities.
• As undersigned has already communicated to our community people to uphold the intent of our mission and unite ourselves for combating the ongoing scheme. In this context, we have done several correspondences to the local level and all the compliment goes to our local leaders those who have shown the gigantic approach to the government for getting the fundamental and constitutional rights. At last am very happy to declare the current news for our community people those who were very aspirants and desirable to get the ST status in the central level.

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