I am writing to you personally to congratulate and thank all of you for a successful* * *6th NATIONAL BANJARA PROFESSOR’S ASSOCIATION Conference and Two day International Seminar on CULTURE AND FOLK TRADITIONAL OF ROMA-BANJARA* This event has been extremely successful in developing our students to become leaders of tomorrow.

The success of this huge and historical event is a result of all your hard work through the leadership of ** ** * *Padmashri Dr.Shyam Singh Shashi Ji* ,
** *Shri Bhikudada Idate Ji*
** *Mr.Jovan Damjanovic Ji (SERBIA)*
** *Shri Shravan Singh Rathod Ji*
** *Shri Sitaram Naik Ji*
** *Shri Sanjay Jadhav Ji*
** *Shri Raju Naik Ji*
** *Shri D.Rama Naik Ji*

I would like to recognize our Keynote Speaker, *Padmashri Shri Dr.Shyam Singh Shashi Ji* and *Mr.Johan Damjanovic* , for his inspirational speech

I would also like to thank, *Shri Jitendra bhai Vanjara Ji* ,
*Shri Mohan Rathod Ji, * *Shri Bhagirath Rathod Ji* ,
*Shri Devi Singh Ji* ,
*Shri Kartar Ji* ,
*Shri Tejsingh Muchal Ji, AIBSS NBPA* , for assisting in managing the program and the entire *AIBSS NBPA* staff for providing support….
*Shri Vilas Ade Jathot* for media staging and all the board members.
Thank you to all the event sponsors, Professor, businesses, community leaders and all of the guests who made this event exciting and memorable.

I look forward to working with all of you with continued success.

*Pradeep Manawat*
NRI & Social Worker