Prof. Motiraj Rathod Is No more,   The Cultural And Literary Movement Of Banjara Community Became Orphan.

Prof. Motiraj Rathod Is No more,
The Cultural And Literary Movement Of Banjara Community Became Orphan
Prof. Motiraj Rathod’s demise has created a huge gap in the social, cultural and musical life of Gor Banjara and all the wandering liberators. He informed the Gor banjara community about transformational and scientific thinking through his writing. He performed a movement for the basic rights of all the wanderers and the liberated, not just for Gor Banjara. By writing many books he provided ideological logistics to lead movements for the betterment of other & Banjara community. His some books are, ‘Banjara culture’, ‘Kabir Jotiba’, ‘Kahat Kabir’, ‘Tanda culture’, ‘X criminals tribe, ‘Declaration of Wanderers ‘, ‘Society and culture’, ‘Kabir dispute’, ‘History of Gor Banjara Tribe’, Criminal Tribes Law and Consequences’, ‘Gor Banjara Jagato Res’, ‘Gor Banjara Culture Before Indus Culture’ etc. in Marathi and Hindi language. His dream of writing his own autobiography ‘Me and the Movement’ remained unfulfilled
With his demise, the progressive cultural movement of the wandered community has become orphans today. He guided me to review my book, Bhimniputra’s Gorpan: The
Lingustic Beauty In Gor-Boli-Dialect in the English language at international level. He had given me valuable guidance in organizing the 5 th All India Gor-Banjara Sahittya Sammelan at Dombivali, Mumbai in 2018.
We really lost an eminent writer of our community. Infact, he served as President of NBPA for short period but trengthen the foundation of the NBPA organization.
On behalf of this demise, I myself, my family, friends and National Banjara Professors Association (Maharashtra Unit) pays homage and may God rest his soul in peace .

Dinesh Sewa Rathod,(Author/Analyst)
kovhala Tanda Tq.Darwha Di.Yavatmal
N.B.P.A. (Maharashtra State President)
Cell- 91-9404372756

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